28 September 2006

Utawarerumono 2nd Ending Theme (The one in episode 26) Full lyrics

Note: This might contain spoilers for episode 26. If you are just looking for the torrent look to your right. Finally, this is NOT a version 2. It's just to make the release feel more "complete"

Edit: We now have the full song on DDL/bot in our channel, so that you don't have to download the entire (shitty) album. We'll see about a 320kbps version soon.

Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru watashi wa nani iro de su ka
君の瞳に映る 私は何色ですか
In your eyes, what colour am I?

natafukari nozomu narou watasou hino hikari o
なた深い望むなろう 渡そう日の光お
If I could wish, I’ll give you my light.

kanashii mi no kaburi mabuta toji ma shi na
I closed my eyes because of the pain.

koborota shizuku wa kokoro ni shimi yuku
零れた 雫は心に染み行く
The tears I shed taints my heart.

yuuki wataru namida jaku najime masu
勇気渡る涙 弱く馴染めます
I’m getting stronger to the tears I’ve shed in the past.

odokeshi youri kago nemuri osasou
長どけ搖籠 眠りお誘う
In the warmth of the cradal, go to sleep.

yumeni natsukashii omokage wo sagusu
夢に 懐かしい面影を探す
In my dreams, I’m chasing that familiar shadow.

teo nobashi tsuyoku dakishimetakunaru
手お伸ばし 強く抱きしめたくなる
I wish to reach out my hand and hug you tightly.



Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru watashi wa nani iro de su ka
君の瞳に映る 私は何色ですか
In your eyes, what colour am I?

ai fukainozomunaro watasou takaki sorawo
愛深い望むなろ 渡そう高き空を
If I could wish, I’ll give you the entire sky.

yorokobi ga afure teori aimashita
Loving the warmth, I hold on to your hand.

kobore ototsu kimiwa wakareo kakusu
こぼれ落とす 君は 別れ隠す
You, who is crying, is trying to conceal the distance.

hitowa itsushika
一話 何時しか
One word, “When will you…”

kyuuchi hade gyoukerano
“…be gone?”

wotakonnani kanai umareterundeshou
をなこん何 家内 生まれてるんでしょう
Just like this, will you be born in the same house again?



Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru watashi wa nani iro de su ka
君の瞳に映る 私は何色ですか
In my eyes, what colour am I?

ai fukainozomunaro watasou kono daichi wo
If I could wish, I’ll give you the lands.



Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru watashi wa nani iro de su ka
君の瞳に映る 私は何色ですか
In my eyes, what colour am I?

kasuka ni doui tarana kokoni watashi wairu
微かに動いたなら ココに私はいる
If you see those gentle movements, you’ll know I’m there.

Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru watashi wa nani iro de su yo
君の瞳に映る 私は何色ですよ
In my eyes, what colour am I?

ai fukainozomunaro watasou kono omoiwo
If I could wish, I’ll give you these feelings.

watasou kono subetewo
I’ll give it all to you.

Man. It wasn't easy to make sense of it in the anime, but with the single, it was much easier. I'll probably time it and I'll put up a guide on how to mux it. It'll most likely be wrong somewhere, but I think the translation should be fine.

Edit: I've timed it, and I'll now present the instructions to put it in your video. We might do a avi version of it, since Chysil said he might just do it.

Required files:

-The subfile:
Link 1
Link 2
Perm link (Many many many thanks to Kipsta for hosting it. Right click --> Save as.

-The episode itself.

I'll find a more permanent DDL when I get home.


How to do it

1) Install and load mkvmerge GUI

2) Click "add"

3) Direct it to where your video file is.

4) Click ok

5) Click "add"

6) Direct it to your subtitle file

7) Click ok.

8) Rename the file to anything you like at the bottom.

9) Click "Start muxing"

10) Enjoy.


-Why am I seeing Arial fonts? Your fonts and mine seem different!
-How do I change the font?
-How do I change the font size?
-How do I change the font colour?

I encoded it with the font "forte", which came with office 2000. Open aegis sub, tools --> Styles manager --> Double click "Default" (the one on the right). There, you can change the font, font colour, font size, shadow, outline, alignment, and just about everything.

-You spelt color "colour"!

Yes I did. If it annoys you so much. Use aegisub or any text editor (notepad recommended) to change it.

-I see boxes instead of kanji!
You need to have the japanese language pack installed. It helps.

Link to Microsoft

Reset your computer. And it should work out fine. I think.

If you refuse to, you can wait for the avi version, or manually delete every single kanji line from the subtitle file.

27 September 2006

School Rumble Term 2 Episode 26 (Final)


Term 3, here we go!

26 September 2006

Utawarerumono Episode 26 (End)


And so, it ends.

And it ends rather well. Finally, an ending I enjoyed.

However, as usual, please do NOT watch this episode (or any other episodes for all animes for that matter) expecting anything. You'll always come out unsatisfied.

But hell, this is good. :)


23 September 2006

Blood+ episode 50


It ends. =(

Insane solo project. -_-

Now ALok's personal project is done. LoL. Please remember to download and archive Shinsen's version when done.

And also, I can't mux the ED kara in. =( ALok did the OP kara then went off for his orgy party or something.

Oh well. Here it is:


Assuming we are still around.....

...we'l pick up something to do.

And while it could be Kujibiki unbalance, I'm not really decided what to do. I'll have a look at episode 1 of quite a few animes before deciding.

Assuming we are still around then.

Assuming I am still around then.

Assuming, assuming...

But then, if there are 2 other teams on Kujibiki, I might pass it. October isn't going to be a fun month for me.

We'll see.

Assuming, assuming.

21 September 2006

Utawarerumono episode 25 / School Rumble 2 episode 25

School Rumble 2 episode 25

Utawarerumono episode 25

Setting up for a climatic finish.

20 September 2006

Tsuyokiss 6


The plot thickens!

Well, not much....

But the true story begins!

18 September 2006

Recruiting: A new encoder

ALok's quitting after this season, so we need a new encoder, or we go bust.


-Past experience is necessary. If no past experience can be cited, you will be tested. Anyone can encode legos, including me. We'll give you a free rein with what you want to encode, but xvid, mp3, avi, mkv, avs encoding knowledge is critical.

-A large pipe. You'll most likely be our distro head. You'll need at least 2Mbps (~200KB/s) upload, though that isn't very much.

-A fun person to be with.

-Willing to get your own raws.

-Be willing to encode anything we ask. Kindness is always shown both ways in this team. (And sometimes just to do things that are not encoding related, like touch up typesettting and some quick QC work)

-Other reasons we just suddenly think of, but can't think of now. :o

If interested, submit resume to NightFalcon in channel, or any of the ops if the bird isn't around.

A general notice

We did NOT do that episode of Ouran. It's just another group using a y-m tag.

17 September 2006

Tsuyokiss Episode 5 / Random rant




Note: Below contains POSSIBLE spoilers on Ghost in a Shell: Solid State Society. It's mostly my thoughts. But still, be prepared. LoL

Ghost in a Shell: Solid State Society is not to be fansubbed at all, because Bandai has a team of lawyers who (most likely) will take legal action against those who fansub.

However, having watch GITS:SSS, I was wondering...

Is this just one huge marketing technique?

Of course, when you are told NOT to do something, everyone will do it. You tell them not to play with fire, and the very next moment, your house is on fire, including your water fountain, thanks to some idiot having fun with flamethrowers.

However, thus far, everyone has been obedient. No one fansubbed it yet (Or announced it to the public. I know that there is a team or two who has done it, but they aren't telling the world that loudly).

Still, the forbidden apple just seems sweeter isn't it? It's from a rather famous and successful series. It's a long awaited OVA to a series which was desperately lacking something in the second season.

This was IT.

Fansub groups were all geared up to do it the moment it was announced. Yet, everyone backed off when Bandai told them to.

And when Bandai did that announcement, it sent ripples through the fansubbing world.

Who's going to do it? What is it about? Why was this series just so special? Bandai didn't do nuts against fansubbers of Gundam Seed Destiny. Why now?

Perhaps, the answer was, Solid State Society actually lacked something.

It's a series which really made no sense from the beginning, but wowed everyone with its graphics and action scenes.

However, it has been going downhill for a bit.

Simply put. It's running dry.

Just like so many of the series out there which are milked till the nipples cracked and started to turn black.

So, what did Bandai do?

Put a huge signboard on it.

Tell the fansubbers not to do it.

With millions having access to the internet, and speeds going faster than before, everyone uses the internet, and fansubbers, as an alternative to buying DVDs (Which annoys me.)

So, why not tell them something they can't do? Most fansubbers are mere school children who cannot withstand the financial might of Bandai. Remember RIAA suing some 14 year old girl or something?

It can happen. We fansubbers simply cannot go into a lawsuit with the likes of bandai, whether it's a long/drawn out or a simple short one.

Whatever it is, it did hype the anime up.

And when it came out, Fansubbers listened to Bandai's "wishes", and did not work on it.

Perhaps, another thing other than the marketing issue, is that, Solid State Society, is, simply put, crap.

Having watched it, I didn't understand 40% of it, and the action scenes which I enjoyed in series were sorely missing. In fact, when it ends, you'll be going "What? That's it?"

Now imagine. If it were to be fansubbed, there would be probably 2 or 3 teams on it.

And since, in my opinion, it's so crap, what's the chance of people buying the DVD?

Virtually speaking, none.

Minus those who think that fansubbing is an alternative to buying DVDs, if those who are left do not like what they see, they won't buy the DVD. Simple as that.

So, this Solid State Society, is just one huge advertisment, as well as to ensure that we fansubbers can't reveal the crap in the can as the can cannot be opened.

Try harder Bandai.

14 September 2006

Tsuyokiss Episode 4


Delicated to Harukalover and Mizuki. More to Harucrap though.

Overview of the anime: This girl, Konoe Sunao, transfers into a school, and finds her childhood friend, Tsushima Leo. She hates him, but likes him. Your usual type of romance anime which lasts 13 episodes.

Why we are doing this:

Ok, before all who hates us scream "VULTURES/CROWS/FALCONS/whatever", please read this before you look like complete idiots. If you've watched episode 3, compare the credits of that (messed up) episode to episode 4.

See something similar?

Why did I bring the project over to this team? Simple. I don't want work to be wasted. I've seen enough of my work wasted. Not that I really care, but I do get annoyed (quite a bit).

But when others work are being wasted, it isn't that cool any more.

So, how did this pile of horsedung mess begin? Well, some AnimeU dude contacted Serin, and proposed a joint for this project. Despite the fact that I do not like AnimeU's workings, their leader was supposedly "gone", and hence, I agreed to let the joint go through.

Big mistake.

At that time, my life isn't as cool as it is, so I declined translating it. Hence, AnimeU provided the translation, while Serin provided almost everything else short of encoding and QCing.

Some how, as those who had followed this series would have known, after episode 1, the project stalled because AnimeU's translator ran away screaming (i.e. disappeared). Another translator was recruited for episode 2, but some how, he ran away screaming too (i.e. mysteriously vanished into thin air).

It was then, trouble began. As I was not on the project (yet), I was not given access to the project room (nor do I need to). However, I did hear that there are plenty of arguments going on there, one more reason why I'm staying away from that place.

The joint broke off soon after, as seen by Serin releasing episode 2. Before then, there were lots of drama in the serin-staff channel (which no one got to watch. Not every team speaks of their stuff in their main channel like us. :D). Mainly, firstly, there was this (one-sided) "debate" whether it can be done without "a drop of quality without AnimeU being involved" (<@Harukalover> People will expect a drop in quality because of AnimeU not being involved. and <@Harukalover> This gets speedsubbed and we drop the quality we set with the first episode.).

Honestly, I don't get how I can work with people who don't trust the team.

And I was right.

Before episode 3 came out, Harukalover did a Houdini on us. Note that I've translated episode 3 BEFORE episode 2 was even ready for encode, giving him plenty of time to work on episode 3. However, before he disappeared, he left us with no TSing, a crappy ED (hence the reworks of the OP/ED), and still had the gall to flame us in #serin, saying that he was "insulted" to see his name on the credits.

Well hey, that's morons for you.

But I've learnt one thing.

I'm never going to do a joint with AnimeU.

Ever again.

Once bitten, twice shy.

And hey, Mizuki, if you're reading this:


Hopefully, you'll learn to see what people truely are in the future, and not sticking up for them because you happen to be in the same team as he is. Good luck with your band though.

Utawarerumono 24


Delicated to Harukalover.

13 September 2006



07 September 2006

School Rumble 2nd - 23


Ski trip. :o

Tenma's other side.

More... animals?

06 September 2006

Utawarerumono Episode 23

Utawarerumono 23

Blood+ Episode 47

Will you be by my side forever?