18 September 2006

Recruiting: A new encoder

ALok's quitting after this season, so we need a new encoder, or we go bust.


-Past experience is necessary. If no past experience can be cited, you will be tested. Anyone can encode legos, including me. We'll give you a free rein with what you want to encode, but xvid, mp3, avi, mkv, avs encoding knowledge is critical.

-A large pipe. You'll most likely be our distro head. You'll need at least 2Mbps (~200KB/s) upload, though that isn't very much.

-A fun person to be with.

-Willing to get your own raws.

-Be willing to encode anything we ask. Kindness is always shown both ways in this team. (And sometimes just to do things that are not encoding related, like touch up typesettting and some quick QC work)

-Other reasons we just suddenly think of, but can't think of now. :o

If interested, submit resume to NightFalcon in channel, or any of the ops if the bird isn't around.


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