30 April 2006

Love Get Chu (something something)

A new series we are taking on part time (Focus is still on Soul Link and School Rumble). Taking this because I fell in love with Momoko's dress sense.


Yes, we decide animes based on the character's dress sense.

Or something.

Get it here

27 April 2006

#Anime-Jiyuu are retards.

[%] you were banned from [#anime-jiyuu] by [Arthuro]
[%] you were kicked from [#anime-jiyuu] by [Arthuro] (Hope you enjoyed your flight with tit for tat airlines.)

First, I didn't say anything. I've no idea why I was banned, except for the fact that I'm staff in #yoroshiku, which also does Ergo proxy.

And let's see...

[03:54am] <> but anime-jiyu subs are far better quality.
[03:54am] Brasco (~bob@Rizon-F9FBD169.dhcp.spbg.sc.charter.com) has quit IRC

[03:45am] <> hmmm... why are all the jiyuu people banned? feeling inferior or something?
[03:45am] burnscar (~burn@Rizon-8EDBA8FA.fbx.proxad.net) has quit IRC

[03:37am] <> Anime-jiyuu has released 07

Ah, the list goes on.

Retards FTW, I guess. But really, while I don't really care about 8 year olds out there, I was at least hoping their OPs would be a little more mature.

Obviously not.

Oh well. Leaves quite a bad impression, don't you think?

[04:11am] <> No. Yoroshiku can do what they want ... just let them know we log everything that's going on on our servers ... and their ISPs will be emailed with the IP and timestamp if something happens ..


Quite sad. What happened the the principles of fansubbing: Subbing for fans? >__>





首先是我们的首领,搬运人Z (CarrierZ), 我们的时间人,片源人,特效人,知识丰富的首领。 可是,他也是我们社里最懒的人 (笑).是啦,他有很多攻课.小孩子,我们就无所谓.可是,你要小心他的脾气.有什么东西他不顺眼的话,恶语连天,你娘的屁阿…猪狗不如阿…什么都有.但是,平时,他是个瞒好的人(拍一拍马屁吧).他也是一个色狼,喜欢看黄色卡通片或漫画,常常吩咐我们送我们的收集给他,但应为我们没有同性恋的,他就大骂我们一场.

._. 命好苦…

下一个就是我, 夜鹰. 我啊…没什么好说啦… (笑). 不如说我们的历史吧, 因为我和搬运人Z是这社的创立人.

有一晚,当我和搬运人Z都喝醉后,突然,他就说: “喂,咱们作舞-乙HiME, 如可?” 当时,我醉纷纷地说: “好!”


下一个就是自屎尿(Chysil, 没翻译.(笑)), 我们的编者. 他常常说自己是女性,可是,你别被骗,他是男性.就应为他以为自己是 “她”, 所以,可说是不男不女的.他也好只次说我是她的男朋友.好恶心…


他通常都会在我们的IRC里,名字就有时无聊,大多数是没人会理的(但很有趣)。例如:Chysil|Zzz, Chysil|IloveNF, Chysil|Didlo, 应有尽有。


最后,是我们的最新会员,阿咯(Alok), 片源,译电和HTTP分配者。在表面上看起来是个好孩子。可是,在那面具后面,可是一个无作非为, 无恶不作的人。很可怕,对吗?我也不怪你。(笑)开玩笑啦。阿咯是个好孩子。不像我们这么色。


分配者是gott, 色胚乳-天使(Seph) 和极冷狼(ArcticWolf)。 全部多是好人!(又在拍马屁了… ._.) gott 是个啤酒迷, 极冷狼跟我们一样色(女X女!好啊!) 看到色胚乳-天使就应该买彩票. 在IRC里,重没看到他讲话.._.

就到这里吧.(笑).中文比日文容易在电脑写… @_@

Don't understand a word?

Babelfish is for you!


Although...it makes no sense...>__>

26 April 2006

School Rumble 2 Episode 4

Get it here.


And I hate windows. >__>

Edit: I can't type as well.

24 April 2006

NightFalcon's favourite quote:

Don't mess up my leet design of the site, or I'll hello you. :O --NF

Soul Link episode 4

Told you it will be out shortly.

BT: http://tinyurl.com/rc2av

22 April 2006

Soul Link Episode 3

BT: http://eb.cx/1s3

Expect 4 shortly.

Panties in SL03!


21 April 2006

I told you.
My computer is fucking with me though...

And, because of your release, all MY work with it has gone to WASTE!


You aren't the only one. I've timed the kara. ._. Ah well. Welcome home. ^_^ -NF

Listen at me, damn it! Aren't spells aren't, not arn't!


CarrierZ, where are you?


Come back soon. ._.

Anyway, we STILL releases something, despite him holding episode 3 of Soul Link and School Rumble hostage.

Tough times for us. But, we will try.

Get it from the bots in the channel.

BT: http://eb.cx/1rn

19 April 2006

This blog just got intresting!

That's right! Chysil here. Aside from editing, my job will be to post all the random and usually funny stuff that all factors into our fansub releases. From Nightfalcon translating drunk to CarrierZ being just to plain lazy to encode. You'll get to hear about it all... except the bad things about me. I'm sure that the others will try to present "fake" stuff to ruin my "good" name, but so not be fooled.


Site updates

Since I'm lazy as hell, I'll just copy and paste what I have on my personal blog. :o

If you have a better skin, talk to me on IRC.

And please, something of this design would be nice. I HATE blog designs with a huge ass picture at the side, and the entries squeezed into 150x200 window. >_>

18 April 2006

Project Status:

School Rumble: Officialy Declared as Your-Mom project till completed.

> Soul Link: Side Project
> Gintama: Side Project (*?)

* = Unknown. The project isn't stated as 'started'.

17 April 2006


So, this will be our (un)official site, since we refuse to pay, and we don't need a forum anyway.

I'll work on it when I'm free. :o. Assuming CarrierZ wants this.

But I think he will anyway. I'm the only one with spare time these days. Bwahahahaha.

Until then.