23 September 2006

Blood+ episode 50


It ends. =(

Insane solo project. -_-

Now ALok's personal project is done. LoL. Please remember to download and archive Shinsen's version when done.

And also, I can't mux the ED kara in. =( ALok did the OP kara then went off for his orgy party or something.

Oh well. Here it is:



Blogger nicksta29 said...

gday mate i was thinking maybe do black blood brothers as kyuketsuki is taken ages for the 3rd ep and so far it looks great.

9:10 PM  
Blogger nicksta29 said...

hey guys firstly like to say ur doing a great job with the fansubbing. I enjoyed watching all of the episodes of Blood+ downloaded from this website which is great. I was thinking another one u guys might like to sub is black blood brothers which is a vampire type of anime, actiony...but that's just an idea.. kyuketsuki is taken it but has been slow.. so just thought it'll be an idea.. cheers mate

9:13 PM  
Blogger popuppiston said...

Thanks for finishing this series. Also I'd like to say that ep 43 and 44 of this series had the all time high seeders / peer ratio ive seen for anime. ruffly (4400/4350) for the 1st 12 hours they were up. Congrats.

11:47 AM  

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