17 September 2006

Tsuyokiss Episode 5 / Random rant




Note: Below contains POSSIBLE spoilers on Ghost in a Shell: Solid State Society. It's mostly my thoughts. But still, be prepared. LoL

Ghost in a Shell: Solid State Society is not to be fansubbed at all, because Bandai has a team of lawyers who (most likely) will take legal action against those who fansub.

However, having watch GITS:SSS, I was wondering...

Is this just one huge marketing technique?

Of course, when you are told NOT to do something, everyone will do it. You tell them not to play with fire, and the very next moment, your house is on fire, including your water fountain, thanks to some idiot having fun with flamethrowers.

However, thus far, everyone has been obedient. No one fansubbed it yet (Or announced it to the public. I know that there is a team or two who has done it, but they aren't telling the world that loudly).

Still, the forbidden apple just seems sweeter isn't it? It's from a rather famous and successful series. It's a long awaited OVA to a series which was desperately lacking something in the second season.

This was IT.

Fansub groups were all geared up to do it the moment it was announced. Yet, everyone backed off when Bandai told them to.

And when Bandai did that announcement, it sent ripples through the fansubbing world.

Who's going to do it? What is it about? Why was this series just so special? Bandai didn't do nuts against fansubbers of Gundam Seed Destiny. Why now?

Perhaps, the answer was, Solid State Society actually lacked something.

It's a series which really made no sense from the beginning, but wowed everyone with its graphics and action scenes.

However, it has been going downhill for a bit.

Simply put. It's running dry.

Just like so many of the series out there which are milked till the nipples cracked and started to turn black.

So, what did Bandai do?

Put a huge signboard on it.

Tell the fansubbers not to do it.

With millions having access to the internet, and speeds going faster than before, everyone uses the internet, and fansubbers, as an alternative to buying DVDs (Which annoys me.)

So, why not tell them something they can't do? Most fansubbers are mere school children who cannot withstand the financial might of Bandai. Remember RIAA suing some 14 year old girl or something?

It can happen. We fansubbers simply cannot go into a lawsuit with the likes of bandai, whether it's a long/drawn out or a simple short one.

Whatever it is, it did hype the anime up.

And when it came out, Fansubbers listened to Bandai's "wishes", and did not work on it.

Perhaps, another thing other than the marketing issue, is that, Solid State Society, is, simply put, crap.

Having watched it, I didn't understand 40% of it, and the action scenes which I enjoyed in series were sorely missing. In fact, when it ends, you'll be going "What? That's it?"

Now imagine. If it were to be fansubbed, there would be probably 2 or 3 teams on it.

And since, in my opinion, it's so crap, what's the chance of people buying the DVD?

Virtually speaking, none.

Minus those who think that fansubbing is an alternative to buying DVDs, if those who are left do not like what they see, they won't buy the DVD. Simple as that.

So, this Solid State Society, is just one huge advertisment, as well as to ensure that we fansubbers can't reveal the crap in the can as the can cannot be opened.

Try harder Bandai.


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