09 October 2007

Shakugan no Shana Season 2 Episode 1

Umm... Yeah. A joint project with Ayako.

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Hmm, after a year of nearly crappy and disappointing animes, October finally delivers! I'm not going to go into detail of every show (go visit some anime blogs. Plenty around), but here are some of my recommendations.


-Shugo Chara!:
If I had the time, this is THE project I'll be working on. Unfortunately, I am bogged down with all sorts of crap, and I don't think I can spend 6 hours a week translating again.

Story is about a girl who cannot express herself well, but instead of animes where the girl is shy and stuff, she does it in a way which everyone thinks it's cool. However, she really does want to change her character, and after some praying, she is given some spirit things which can change her character. Great stuff.

-Prism Arc:

I'm a sucker for action flicks. But unlike some shows with random girls just randomly bashing stuff, this one actually throws you right into the action while telling you the history. I'm interested to see how the storyline pans out, simply because I think this approach is rather rare.

- Shana Season 2

Unlike ZnT S2, this one actually has a plot. Go Shana!


Hmm, this is something like school rumble. 1 very silly girl among 2 (not one this time) rather clever sisters and a guy who likes the silly girl. This is NOT school rumble, but if you liked it, you should like Minami-ke.

-Myself ; Yourself

Another typical "Guy disappears for 5 years, returns, finds the girl he used to love but did not recognise her so she hates him now and now he needs to spend the rest of 13 episodes winning her back" type of show.

No idea why I'm so attracted to it though. Must be the VAs.

-Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun

Ecchi with a pretty hot girl and a guy who likes her but is made to protect her.

Sounds familar? :)

But hey, it is funny, at least, the ecchi parts are.

-kimikiss pure rouge

Yet another harem type of show. But I really like the lead actress's VA, so I'm watching this one.


Umm.... Nakahara being in the wrong role (AGAIN) is another mark down for me. Then again, storyline looks interesting.


The next few shows depend on the next few episodes.

-Da Capo Season 2:

We all know anything with "Da Capo" should not go beyond 13 episodes. Episode 1 looks nice, but episode 2 may just slide downhill. Afterall, it is Da Capo.

-Bamboo Blade:

This one has a real possibility of being a decent watch. But I kinda found the storyline bland. I anticipate 13 episodes of kendo training and episode 14 of winning etc.

Yet I am attracted to Myself ; Yourself.

Somebody shoot me thx.

-Gundam 00

Blah blah blah. This is missing a Lacus. Seems like Gundam is going back to its roots or something. O_o

At least there's no more Kira.


This one is one of the few which really needs a few episodes before a decision can be made. To say whether this series would be a worthwhile watch with only one episode may not do it justice.

-Blue Drop

If you liked the above, you'll like Blue Drop. Both animes will need more time for themselves to develop. Give it a shot if you like the sci-fi stuff.

Not watching:

-ef ~A tale of memories~
-Sketchbook ~full color's~

You should watch Sketchbook if you liked Aria (The bloody cats are everywhere, even the cat from Aria). Otherwise, if you are an action junkie, skip them. Not saying they are bad, but they just aren't my type of animes.

Yet to watch:

-Night Wizard
-Jyushin Enbu
-Blue Drop

There you have it, the animes which I think would be a good watch. I am always on the lookout for "hidden gems" in shows. They are shows which no one has really heard of until you've watched the anime. Examples are Utawarerumono, Soukou no Strain and Doujin Work. Do also take my "recommendations" with a pinch of salt. I do enjoy watching romance and action, so you may have a different view as to what I enjoy watching. I'm just saying what would be a nice watch if you are wondering what to watch this season.

03 October 2007

Heroic Age 26 [END]

Hope you enjoyed it, everyone.

Here are my favorite highlights:
floating head doctor!!!

To all the haters: your resistance only makes our collective penis harder.

Episode 26:
- Torrent: h264 | xvid
- DDL: fourzerofour.us

NF Edit:


Anyway, as asked, what's next?



We'll see you in January/April or something.

01 October 2007

Seto no Hanayome Episode 26 (END)


But we our kingdom's safety must so tender,
Whose run you have sought, that to her laws
We do deliver you. Get you therefore hence,
Poor miserable wretches, to your death;
The taste whereof God of his mercy give
You patience to endure, and true repentance
Of all your dear offences! Bear them hence

-- Henry the V- William Shakesphere.

That is to our friends over on the other side who brought me out of retirement to do this show. LoL

Anyway, SnH 26 is over! Pretty decent ending (given that every other show I've watched had sucky endings. And no, I don't watch GL).

Hope you enjoyed watching it. Ayako's versions should be out shortly... Or something.