14 September 2006

Tsuyokiss Episode 4


Delicated to Harukalover and Mizuki. More to Harucrap though.

Overview of the anime: This girl, Konoe Sunao, transfers into a school, and finds her childhood friend, Tsushima Leo. She hates him, but likes him. Your usual type of romance anime which lasts 13 episodes.

Why we are doing this:

Ok, before all who hates us scream "VULTURES/CROWS/FALCONS/whatever", please read this before you look like complete idiots. If you've watched episode 3, compare the credits of that (messed up) episode to episode 4.

See something similar?

Why did I bring the project over to this team? Simple. I don't want work to be wasted. I've seen enough of my work wasted. Not that I really care, but I do get annoyed (quite a bit).

But when others work are being wasted, it isn't that cool any more.

So, how did this pile of horsedung mess begin? Well, some AnimeU dude contacted Serin, and proposed a joint for this project. Despite the fact that I do not like AnimeU's workings, their leader was supposedly "gone", and hence, I agreed to let the joint go through.

Big mistake.

At that time, my life isn't as cool as it is, so I declined translating it. Hence, AnimeU provided the translation, while Serin provided almost everything else short of encoding and QCing.

Some how, as those who had followed this series would have known, after episode 1, the project stalled because AnimeU's translator ran away screaming (i.e. disappeared). Another translator was recruited for episode 2, but some how, he ran away screaming too (i.e. mysteriously vanished into thin air).

It was then, trouble began. As I was not on the project (yet), I was not given access to the project room (nor do I need to). However, I did hear that there are plenty of arguments going on there, one more reason why I'm staying away from that place.

The joint broke off soon after, as seen by Serin releasing episode 2. Before then, there were lots of drama in the serin-staff channel (which no one got to watch. Not every team speaks of their stuff in their main channel like us. :D). Mainly, firstly, there was this (one-sided) "debate" whether it can be done without "a drop of quality without AnimeU being involved" (<@Harukalover> People will expect a drop in quality because of AnimeU not being involved. and <@Harukalover> This gets speedsubbed and we drop the quality we set with the first episode.).

Honestly, I don't get how I can work with people who don't trust the team.

And I was right.

Before episode 3 came out, Harukalover did a Houdini on us. Note that I've translated episode 3 BEFORE episode 2 was even ready for encode, giving him plenty of time to work on episode 3. However, before he disappeared, he left us with no TSing, a crappy ED (hence the reworks of the OP/ED), and still had the gall to flame us in #serin, saying that he was "insulted" to see his name on the credits.

Well hey, that's morons for you.

But I've learnt one thing.

I'm never going to do a joint with AnimeU.

Ever again.

Once bitten, twice shy.

And hey, Mizuki, if you're reading this:


Hopefully, you'll learn to see what people truely are in the future, and not sticking up for them because you happen to be in the same team as he is. Good luck with your band though.


Blogger pokekid88 said...

thanks for subbing Tsuyokiss....

something to comment on the op/ed...,firstly, i think the op english trans are abit off the original meaning...somehow...

Then, for the ed, the trans were flying all about...abit messy...-_-

10:27 AM  
Blogger TheyCallMeEasy said...

Yo! Boss-guy. Props to you. You do right by all, but do right by you first, and that's enough.

12:02 AM  
Blogger TheyCallMeEasy said...

Yo! Boss-guy. Props to you. You do right by all, but do right by you first, and that's enough.

12:02 AM  
Blogger zefi said...

how about teaming up with Serin? Sence they seem to want to keep doing the series, and they arent as bad as AnimeU...

11:08 AM  
Blogger Hoey the Fish said...

Nightfalcon, i was just wondering if there's a lil typo in Tsuyo 3? Assuming you were the one who subbed it. If you are, during 9:03, on the board saying the 4 diff teams, if the kanji is the same as chinese, i think the english translation is mixed up.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i actually wanted to download tsuyokiss epi 4 but i could not... There i was wondering why is the torrent link have some problem?

8:07 PM  

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