30 March 2007

Code Geass Episode 23 End(?)


I just woke up. Mmm.

Anyway, it's the END because they say that episodes 24 and 25 will be aired in summer, which can be at least 2-3 months away, and at worst, 5 months away (Think of the September/October movie rush).

Many thanks to the crew who actually bothered to work on this project. \404, cz and SpiegelEiXXL.

4 man teams ftw!

And special thanks to marsd too. This could not have happened without your help. :D

So, what now, for us?

I don't know. Ayako will still probably go on, but I have officially decided to move on from Fansubbing. I simply do not have the time any more. (AND I AM SERIOUS THIS TIME, CZ. STOP MSNING ME TO TRANSLATE SOME UNKNOWN PROJECT)

But, looking back, this has been one heck of a long journey, even though it was a little over for a year where I've met almost every kind of people in the fansubbing world.

So, why do people Fansub?

For one, I found that some people just LOVE to have their name splattered all over the screen at the credits. They tell people where credits are when it isn't placed on the front page, and just make sure the world knows that THEY are on it. These are the people I realised that abuse their operator status quite a fair bit.

Then, there are some people who love a show and want to work on it. These are the people whom I've really enjoyed working with. They just want to watch it, release the episode so everyone of us can also enjoy it. Sometimes, these people are also the ones that take things a lot less seriously.

A real joy to work with.


I just like having fun. I've worked on shows which I simply hate translating, but I've always taken joy in translating work. It is thanks to this translation work that I've picked up a lot more japanese than I think I would have unless I move to Japan (maybe not, even then. ;o). The songs, some of their weird ways of speaking, they are all a great place to learn Japanese (Assuming you already have one heck of a foundation to build on... Anime should NOT be your starting point to learn Japanese ;)).

I actually still have one (or two, or three) more projects, but they are all one off OVAs, which is a lot less stressful when compared to a series. I'll have a look what happens then. Whehehe.

What's to happen with SR3 and Geass 24 and 25?

Well, SR3 isn't going to come out this year, at the way it is looking. I'm actually looking at probably Spring 2008 (This time next year), and Geass is still unconfirmed. A lot can happen between now and Spring 2008/Summer 2007, like me walking in front of a truck, me picking up a girl (*GASP*), etc etc.

Nothing is certain. I cannot promise that I'll work on SR3, nor can I promise that I won't. If things go according to plan, this time next year will be a lot more chaotic than what I have now. (And if that's they go according to plan ;))

Ah well. Come what may.

What will I do to this blog?

Frankly, I've no idea. Maybe I'll post some random scripts. Maybe I'll change this to some anti-government blog. Maybe I'll turn this into some 12 year old girl's blog where I talk about how I walk to school everyday.

Or maybe I'll end up picking up on some obscure project that some team is slow on? ;o

Are my vulturing days over?

Who knows? XD

Signing off, once again,


29 March 2007

Kaede should be in Hirugashi season 2!


Gakuen Manabi Straight! Episode 12 Translation

So, after one day of boring economics, I have decided to do something fun instead.

Manabi Straight! Episode 12 translation it is.


Let's just say that the ending is something I can really relate to. I think those who saw my rants back in #Your-mom will know why. :)

But Manabi Straight's ending was really good. In fact, every single episode of Manabi Straight, with the exception of episode 9 or so, ends on a note which makes you feel really nice. It really brightened up my mornings when I watched it during breakfast.

Don't think we'll do a Sumomo on this though. I think I'm the only guy on the team which watches Manabi Straight. (EVERYONE ELSE HAS NO TASTE FOR GOOD ANIMES)

Mika: Bye bye!!

Mika: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!
Mika: Erm, as for the arrangements for the morning's event,
Mika: Short cut, short cut...
Mika: The water containers are to be placed on the third.
Mika: Muchi's Suzurisawa...
Mika: Muchi's... Suzu...
Mut: Fine! Just get here!
Mika: 5 more minutes! Just 5 more minutes!
Mika: Alright? Alright?
Man: Hey!
Man: Here here!
Man: 1, 2...
Man: You're about to be late, Mika-chan!
Mut: Seriously, on such an important day...
Girl: More to the left!
Girl: No.
Girl: I said left!
Girl: More to the right.
Girl: Or maybe the left.
Girl: Which way is it?
Girl: I told you that it's the left!
Mik: Good morning!
Girl: Mika-senpai. Good morning.
Girls: Good mor-...
[1;48]screen: Congratulations on graduating. {I think. They could put "BE GONE ALREADY GODDAMNIT!" at the end}
Mik: I got it, I got it.
Mik: I'll be outside.
Girl: Please come in with everyone once the preparations are ready.
Girl: You must definitely not peek!

Girl: Mika-senpai!!
Mika: Excuse me!

Mik: Western calander, year 2037.
Mik: 10th of March.
[2;27]screen: The 82nd graduation of Seioh.
Mik: The weather is fine.
Mik: It is the best weather for a graduation.
Mik: Seioh's Student council's secretary Inamori Mika, now reporting.

[2;38]screen: The last episode: The future in the colours of the Sakura.

Mik: Manabi-chan!
Man: The sakuras are amazing! They're all blooming!
Mik: Seioh Academy didn't change.
Mik: Although it was absorbed by Aiko Academy,
Mik: Under the management of Kyoko-san, {I wonder if I got the characters mixed up... LoL, but they are showing the principal! I think she's Kyoko}
Mik: The new uniform and the school name was not changed.
Mik: Somehow, after the school festival,
Mik: Kyoko-san made a proposal herself.
Mik: Everyone is still just like the same old ways.
Mik: Reading Manga the entire day,
Mik: Chatting.
Mik: Eating snacks.
Mik: Nothing changed.
Girl: Is she here?
Girl: No.
Girl: Seriously, where is she?
Mut: Safe...
Momo: Uehara-senpai!
Momo: Wow, Muchi-san is really famous!
Mut: Stop kidding. I don't like this at all.
Mei: Oh my. Isn't this great?
Mei: Just give them a ribbon. {I THINK it's a ribbon}
Mut: Momo. Is that a new model?
momo: Because I will need to use it in school, Father brought it for me!
Mut: Ah, I see.
Mut: Your school... Tokyo's Di-Digi..
Momo: Digital Journalist specialist school.
Mut: What kind of a school is that?
Momo: It's to be a Digital Journalist. I think.
Mut: "I think"?
Momo: I'll interview you when you are at the olympics.
Mut: I just got accepted into a professional team, the olympics are totally...
Mei: But, you will want to go, right?
Mut: Well, someday.
Mei: Then, good luck.
Mut: Oh? You had a rare honest reaction...
Mei: Shut up! {<3 I can play this 100 times, and into sleep, and never get bored of this}
Momo: Muchi-san is going to be a pro,
Momo: Momo is going to be a specialist.
Momo: Mei-san is going to uni.
Mei: It is the most proper in my career route.
Mut: Yeah, but... It is really a shock...
Mut: That girl...
Mut: Freelance?
Man: Why?
Mut: Why... I don't think it is Manabi's style.
Mut: You worked so hard to graduate from high school,
Mut: To become some freelance now...
Man: Now, or whenever,
Man: I've yet to become a Freelancer anyway.
Man: I've worked to my best as a student,
Man: So, I will do my best in my job!
Mei: Choosing to work, or to continue her education,
Mei: Such difficult decisions with only a fixed model, it does not suit Amamiya-san.
Mut: I see...
Momo: Hello!
Momo: I brought some christmas cakes!
Momo: Want some?
Momo: L-Looks good...
Mei: Sol Prasti Geadomon's cakes, right? {...}
Mei: It is a branded item.
Man: What?
Man: Also, it looks like Momo-chan's family is rich.
Mei: Didn't you know?
Mei: Odori-san is a company which has control in over 60 other areas. {Er... Think Microsoft! No wait, Think Sony! Toyota! Siemens! ADV Films! ...scratch the last one...}
Mei: She is a true Ojou-sama.
Man: I didn't know!
Mei: Amamiya-san's airboard.
Mei: Our student's diary's maker,
Mei: Cellphones.
Mei: They all come from Odori-san's family's groups.
Man: I didn't know that!
Man: What else? What else?
Mut: What about Mika?
Mut: What do you plan to do after you graduate?
Mik: America.
Mei: Be more observant!
Man: Amazing...
All: What?
Mik: I want to go to America!
Man: You look cute in that!
Mik: I had it retaken 5 times.
Man: 3 years...
Mik: I will come back at times.
Man: America? That's far.
Man: Which part of America?
Man: Los?
Mik: Oregon.
Man: Oregon is where there are Angolans?
Mik: I think that's Kampuchea.
Man: Don't go overseas.
Mik: I want to see what I can do in an unknown area.
Mik: Starting afresh to find those sparkling lights, the things which brings a cheer.
Man: Amazing!
Man: Really, Mika-chan is amazing!
Mik: Seioh Academy has not changed.
Mik: But, I hope that I will have at least a small change.

Dude: Graduation certifications, commence! {... translation is fun}

Girl: The representative of all the graduating students, stepping down.
Man: Time flies, these three years in school was like the blink of an eye.
Man: To all those who has completed their three years of education and is now standing here.
Man: The feeling of time flying...
Girl: Urehara-senpai! Please pin it on me!
Girl: Me too!
Girl: I want it on ribbon!
Girl: I want it on my skirt!
Mut: Hey, the skirt will be rather strange...

Girl: Let's begin it.
Girl: Hey, no eating!
Man: And now, the reflection of the 82nd Seioh student council will begin!
Man: Then, let's start with Muchi.
Mut: What? Me? But I'm not even a actual member...
Momo: Don't mind, don't mind.
Mei: Come to think of it, Odori-san is not an actual member as well.
Momo: Don't mind, don't mind.
Mut: Erm... Yeah... Erm... Erm...
Man: Next, Momo-chan!
Mut: Oi...
Momo: I don't have anything special to reflect on!
Mei: I swear, at this rate you're going, you'll never have any reflections in this life of yours.
Momo: Merorin Q! {I think it's a dance. I heard it being mentioned before, but does it look like I watch Japanese TV?}
Mei: I...
Mei: Firstly, when we are passing on stuff to the next batch, it is not by actions, but leaving data... {sjdflksjdjaslkdjlks}
Mut: Hey!
Man: Next, me!
Man: My reflection is that I gave everyone a lot of troubles.
Man: I'm sorry.
Man: With my motto being "Masugu Go!", I moved forward alone...
Man: And hence, I got into a lot of trouble.
Mut: Well, it's fine.
Mei: It was fun.
Man: That's why, although I'm reflecting on it, but I will not regret.
Man: The 82nd Seioh Student Council will come to an end!
Man: But, even then, you'll need to...
Man: Masugu... Go!
Man: Now, finally, it's your turn, Mika-chan.
Mei: You must decide at your own discretion.
Mik: P-Pressure...
Mik: My reflection is that I can never have achieved any of this alone!
Mik: Although I was the longest in the student council,
Mik: But, I have to always be led by everyone, and follow behind.
Mik: So...
Mik: So...
Mik: How strange. I don't want to... Cry...
Mik: How strange...
Mik: Always...
Mik: Always, everyone has been leading me,
Mik: And then, I'll follow.
Mik: That is why, I want to go to America.
Mik: I want to find the sparkling lights, the things which brings a cheer all by myself.
Mik: But, I don't want it! I don't want it to end here!
Mik: I don't want to end it here!
Mik: I want to stay in school for a while more!
Mik: I want to be with everyone a while more!
Mut: Mika...
Mik: I...
Mik: I... Don't think I'll go to America...
Man: Mika-chan!
Mik: Manabi-chan.
Mik: Always together.
Man: You have to go. You must go.
Man: No matter where it is, no matter how far, we're always together.
Man: All of us, always.
Mik: Everyone...
Man: It is not the end.
Man: It is not the end.
Man: It is just the beginning.
Man: So, go!
Mik: "We are always together".
Mik: It's easy to say that.
Mik: But, it is still scary.
Mik: But, I will believe in it.
Mik: "We are always together".
Mik: Once I think of the things that has happened so far, I will be able to believe.
Mik: So, wait for me.
Mik: Bye bye!
Mik: I will find those sparkling lights, the things which brings a cheer, and return!

Mut: That's why I said it was faster if we had taken a train!
Mei: Shut up!
Momo: 15 minutes more till we reach the airport.
Man: We won't make it!
Mut: This is all because Mei said that she wants to drive.
Mei: Didn't you say that this will be more relaxing?!
Mut: Also, how did you get this driver's license just when we need it!
Mei: You're asking for it!
Momo: It stalled again.

[15;34]screen: Now boarding.

Mik: I'm going, everyone.

Momo: Mika-chin!
Mei: Inamori-san!
Mut: Mika!
Manabi: Mika-chan!!

Mik: Everyone...

Mik: Yes, this is not an end.
Mik: It is a beginning.
Mik: This... Everything.
Mik: This is the start of our legend!

{Comes final cool song. Anyone got the tabs for it? XD}

[20;49]screen: Summer.

Mei: Ready?
Man: Ready anytime!
Mik: But, is it really alright?
Man: Don't worry, don't worry. It'll disappear after one night.
Man: This spray is Momo-chan's invention.
Mut: Let's go.
Man: Masugu...
All: GO!!

24 March 2007

Code Geass 22



I'll spare you guys the emo talk about why I wanted to stop last week.

But, I'll say this.

What I begin.

I finish.

And it'll take more than mere words to stop me.

(That being said, I've a feeling the entire team is being DDoSed...)

And oh, about some people saying that I'm stopping because of my translation errors, please feel free to continue posting them. It's not that I do not care. I frequent quite a few anime forums, and I do kick myself (rather hard) when I realise what I SHOULD have got, but somehow, it fucked up.

21 March 2007

Sumomomo Momomo Episode 21 and 22

Sumomo 21 XviD
Sumomo 21 h264
Sumomo 22 XviD
Sumomo 22 h264

The results of boredom. I posted Sumomo 21's script last week. ffdshow wanted to train his timing, so he used it. I was bored after translating Kyoshiro because it was only 1xx lines for my part, and SpiegelEiXXL wanted to do some new kara. And, after some editing by 404...

We have 21 and 22.

No, we won't do 17-20. You could miss out a little because the story for the ending arc begins from 19. Spoilers below.

The tiger tribe goes to assassinate Koshi. Tenten poisons Koshi. In a fit of rage, Koshi tells everyone in his side to f off and die. While everyone walks out disgusted, Momoko stayed behind, and Koshi admitted that he is just being scared, but he does not want anyone to die for him any more.

In order to get the cure, they must defeat the 3 Ten siblings. Episode 20 showed Tenka and his little bro fighting against the 2nd eldest brother. Of course, they lose. However, Uma Kamen appears and by losing clothes, she gained some unholy power and stepped on her enemy (That move reminds me of a game back on the Super Famicom... the one with 4 super heroes which include Ultraman and Masked Rider. Sanae's special move is Ultraman's super special where he steps on everyone. Neat).

And so, we pick off from 21.

Do note that this was done due to boredom. I think I got most of the lines right, but some of those moves make 0 sense and maybe I could have got them wrong.

17 March 2007

Code Geass Episode 21


....pizza...... T_T

Edit: As some people have rightfully pointed out, gg has caught up. I have decided to cease translation of Code Geass from this week onwards.

...maybe I'll change my mind next week. XD


Maybe not.

11 March 2007

Sumomo Episode 21 Translation.

I just watched Sumomo 21, and I must say this is the BEST EPISODE in a long long time.

Spoilers for whatever happened in 18-20:

Inuzuka gets poisoned. Momoko joins in the fun. Both needs to be cured before sunset, or they die.

BTW, episode 20 was a pretty nice watch, seeing how Inuzuka needs to learn some nutty martial arts. (FOCUS THE POWERS TO YOUR EYES!)

And here's some screen caps.


Here we go. As usual, script is free for use. No credits required.

Momo: We'll just need another 2 bottles, and we can create that cure.
Iro: If we don't do it before sundown...
Tenten: The fight for the cure!
Ten: Koganei siblings against Inuzuka joint team!
Ten: Who will be stronger, in this second contest!
Ten: Who would Inuzuka joint team send?
Inu: Our next opponent is her?
Iro: I'll go.
Momo: Iroha-dono.
Iro: I will win this.
Iro: For Senpais.
Iro: And, for the pride of my tribe.
Iro: 10 years ago.
Iro: She appeared in the times of my happiness.
Iro: That, demon.
Ten: Nice to meet you, Iroha-chan.
Iro: Yes, Tenten Onee-chan.
Iro: Initially, she's like a good sister to me, coming from the Koganei tribe to play with me everyday.
Iro: Initially, that's what I thought.
Iro: But...
Iro: While she was smiling all these 8 years...
Iro: Our tribe secrets, poisons,
Iro: Even our people...
Iro: When I realised that the smile is that of a demon, I've already lost everything.
Iro: The one who brought down Minamoto.
Inu: That happened?
Han: Also, the one who burn Koshi's family were Tenten-san's subjects!
Inu: What?
Iro: The enemy of our tribe, and the enemy who has harmed senpai...
Iro: Koganei Tenten!
Iro: I'll take you bitch down!
Ten: I've been waiting for that!
Ten: This is great.
Ten: My heart is really anxious for it.
Ten: Assassinating Inuzuka Koshi? The twelve heavenly tribes? Koganei tribe's success? {...}
Ten: I don't mind about those!
Ten: What I am most interested in is...
Ten: Mi-ya-mo-to. I-ro-ha-chan!
Ten: It's you!

[3;40]screen: One's independant thoughts.

Ten: And now, we shall begin the second competition, Koganei Tenten against Miyamoto Iroha!
Ten: The rule is a rule-less deathmatch.
Ten: All weapons can be used!
Both: Weapons?
Ten: My weapon is... This!
Ten: I'll use my subjects as weapons. Iroha-chan should bring Hanzo-chan along as well.
Ten: The two female leaders of the tiger and snake tribe in an all-out battle.
Ten: It's exciting right?
Inu: That's unfair! You have a numbers advantage!
Iro: All these people were former members of the Miyamoto clan.
Iro: And to be brainwashed into becoming the claws of the tigers, this is saddening.
Iro: I'll free all of you now!
Iro: Let's go, Hanzo!
Han: Yes, Nee-san!
Iro: One isn't strong if one relys on numbers alone.
Iro: The belief that has forged the both of us together,
Iro: Let's see if it can defeat them!
Iro: Koganei Tenten!
Momo: Explosives.
Iro: Naive!
Inu: W-Where are they?
Momo: They're surrounded!
Ten: Idiots!
Inu: This is bad.
Ten: Now, what will you do, Iroha-chan?
Ten: Why? Why is she still so calm in such a circumstance? {Mmm}
Iro: That is because I have a strong support behind me.
Iro: Miyamoto clan has been routed.
Iro: When there are tribes who wish to use this opportunity to wipe us out,
Iro: We've been surrounded so many times, just like now.
Iro: Even then, I'l still able to live today.
Iro: Always... You've always been at my side.
Iro: Hanzo.
Iro: During the days when I became alone, you were the only one who did not leave my side.
Iro: You, who has never looked down on me.
Iro: You, who have always believed in me, walked alongside me.
Iro: I wish to repay you.
Iro: Repay you.
Iro: Everytime I think of that, my body will have sudden bursts of power!
Iro: I can become stronger!
Iro: As long as you are behind me, I won't bow down to anyone! {This doesn't sound right. Really...}
Iro: Let's go!
Iro: Snake mirage hidden technique! {Mirage ahsdasfjskdjd}
Iro: Combine powers! {>_>}
Both: Double bladed slash! The full crescent of the demon snake!
Inu: They did it!
Momo: There is a real sense of trust between them!
Iro: There are still people who wish to stand?
Han: Don't worry. I'll not let them lay a finger on Nee-san.
Iro: Heh, idiot. That was my line.
Ten: I see...
Ten: How disappointing. Such a thing is happening in the middle of a true battle.
Iro: You bitch! What do you mean?
Ten: I'm saying...
Ten: Stop being all cozy!
Ten: Aren't you embarssed? You're having a love relationship with your subject!
Iro: You should be the one embarassed,
Iro: You idiot!
Iro: Do not humiliate the trust held between the people of my clan!
Iro: By undergoing the "cup ritual", we're now like family members with a blood relationship!
Iro: My relationship with Hanzo is like "Father and Son", or "Big Sis and Small Bro"!
Iro: Those humilating incest...
Iro: We will never have any love interest between us!
Ten: Is that so?
Iro: Yes!
Iro: Right, Hanzo?
Han: You're right, Nee-san.
Han: I'm Nee-san's subject.
Han: I cannot go any closer.
Han: I understand that, but...
Han: To hear those words from you, my tears cannot stop flowing!
Ten: So, that's how it is.
Momo: What's wrong?
Inu: What's wrong?
Momo: Hanzo-dono's battle aura has suddenly weakened.

Ten: Alright! Stop stop!
Ten: Although we're in the middle of a fight, but I wish to correct my joke I said just now!
Iro: Joke?
Ten: I, actually knew it.
Ten: Iroha-chan and Hanzo-chan aren't lovers.
Iro: Didn't I say that?
Iro: Iroha-chan... Her heart belongs to someone else...
Iro: You bitch! What do you intend to say?
Ten: Can I say it? I'll say it then!
Ten: Iroha-chan loves....
Ten: Iroha-chan
Ten: Truly loves...
Ten: You!
Ten: Inuzuka Koshi-chan!
Inu: What?
Momo: Iroha-dono...
Iro: NO NO NO!
Han: Nee-san! Calm down!
Ten: My my, your combination is now messed up.
Ten: Just as I've predicted.
Ten: At that time, I did it on impulse.
Ten: Koshi-chan! What do you think of Iroha-chan?
Ten: Compared to your wife, who do you prefer?
Ten: Wifey!
Ten: The junior you've placed so much trust in is actually secretly loving your husband!
Ten: Please tell us about your feelings!
Iro: Momoko... Senpai...
Iro: I love, Senpai.
Iro: Both of them. I love them.
Iro: Although I love them,
Iro: But, the three of us can never be the same again, playing, talking, laughing, together.
Iro: You bitch.
Iro: You bitch!
Iro: Mika Tsuki slash!
Ten: She's blinded by anger. {Yoda ftw}
Ten: Although I just merely looked at the secret manual for a bit...
Ten: Let me teach you what the Mika Tsuki slash is.
Ten: This is how you use it.
Iro: No way...

TL'snote: I think this move should be called "Getsuga Tenshou"... >_> Really. For those who didn't get the reference, watch bleach more. ;)

Inu: She's... Strong!

Ten: Hey, don't sleep. {/die}
Ten: I've yet to have my fun.
Ten: This really brings back memories.
Ten: In the past, we used to sit together and chat.
Ten: Hey, Iroha-chan. Which part of Koshi-chan do you like?
Ten: His face? Or is it his character?
Ten: It must be Koshi-chan's warm and gentle brotherly type!
Ten: Because Iroha-chan likes being pampered. {Something along those lines}
Ten: Right now, those uncles who used to pamper you are not here any more.
Ten: In those lonely hard times, to be able to receive the care of a gentle and warm Onii-chan...
Ten: You fell into the river of love.
Ten: Am I right? You couldn't help yourself, right?
Ten: It's natural that you fall in love with him.
Iro: Onii-chan.
Ten: Hey, Iroha-chan.
Ten: What do you want Koshi-chan to do to you?
Ten: A date?
Ten: Holding hands,
Ten: Being loved...
Ten: Or do you want him to kiss you?
Ten: So that's what it is! You wish to do it with him!
Iro: N-No!
Ten: Stop lying...
Ten: You want to do H with him, right? {I presume everyone knows what H is}
Ten: Right, right? Iroha-chan?
Iro: No no!
Iro: Stop it....
Han: Stop it!!
Han: Let go of Nee-san!
Ten: What?
Han: I said, let go of Nee-san!
han: You bitch!
Ten: "You bitch"?
Ten: Your attitute has taken a turn for the worse, Hanzo-chan.
Han: Tenten-san.
han: Let go of Nee-san.
Han: Stop it!
Ten: I really don't understand. Why do you give it your all for this child?
Ten: The person whom this child loves is Koshi-chan.
Han: I don't care who she loves, or who she hates.
Han: I makes no difference to me!
Han: Can't you understand my feelings?
Ten: I don't understand. Absolutely.
Han: I don't understand as well.
Han: Tenten-san. Why do you hate Nee-san that much?
Ten: Why?
Han: It's strange! When I first met you, you're a different person altogether!
Ten: The first time...
Ten: At that time, I was staying at Iroha-chan's house.
Ten: When I saw you wearing those normal clothes, I thought you were just a guest who had lost his directions.
Ten: The members decreased a lot, but it was because I stole them all.
Ten: As long as I kept that smile, no one would realise my true face.
Ten: Nor will they want to investigate.
Ten: I was so pissed at that time.
Han: Erm...
Han: Are you angry?
Dude: What? You moron, what foolish words did you say to Tenten-san?
Han: S-Sorry.
Ten: You guys are the idiots.
Ten: You are a good kid, Hanzo-chan.
Ten: But, I never thought that you would become Iroha-chan's subject.
Ten: I never thought of that at all.
Iro: From today onwards, you, my subject, Hanzo, will receive free food and lodging here!
Iro: Say "Onee-chan"!
Han: Yes, Nee-chan!
Han: What did you just say? This has nothing to do with what I asked?
Han: I asked, why do you hate Nee-san...
Han: Damn!
Ten: Hanzo, you're one real idiot.
Ten: These kids gave up on their clan and became my loyal subjects.
Ten: Yet, you rejected!
Ten: We have the cash here! You're really an idiot.
Ten: If you had became my subject,
Ten: You could play with me every day, with plenty of luxory goods and enjoying happiness!
Ten: Just like these kids!
Han: Is that so?
Han: Using drugs to control your subjects...
Han: I won't do that.
Han: Also,
Han: Even if I am to die, I've no intention to betray the one I've chased after!
Ten: Then, die.
Ten: Snatching away,
Ten: Snatching away,
Ten: Snatching away.
Ten: This is all because all of you have always dazzled me with what I do not have!
Han: Nee-san!
Iro: Let us decide this, Koganei Tenten!
Ten: It's useless! I have my shields! You can't attack me!
Iro: You bunch of spineless cowards! Do you consider yourselves martial artists? {Or something along those lines}
Iro: Move aside!
Inu: Amazing!
Momo: Iroha-dono is a genius in leadership. She is a truly amazing martial artist!
Iro: By carrying the clan's fate, I'll gamble it with all my strength.
Ten: I know that style too.
Ten: Do you need me to demostrate it for you again?
Ten: Koganei's modified version.
Momo: But,
Momo: The enemy is still stronger...
Iro: Twin attack! Demonic snake strike!

Iro: I'm weaker than my opponent!
Iro: I'm sorry, my clan members!
Iro: Momoko-senpai...
Momo: This is enough. We've lost this fight.
Inu: Erm... Right now...
Momo: Koshi-dono.
Momo: Please allow us women to have some private time.
Ten: I'm scared...
Ten: But, I'm looking forward to it!
Ten: There's no other toy which is more interesting than messing around with another's love!
Momo: You're a woman, just like I am.
Momo: I'll never forgive you!
Ten: Ah, don't get angry! You're actually angry at Iroha-chan, right?
Ten: You must hate her for hiding the fact that she loved him. You can't forgive her if she had stolen him!
Ten: You're just like an idiot.
Ten: It's just a problem of liking and hating!
Ten: Because one can get hurt emotionally, this is why it is interesting to make fun of girls!
Momo: Do not look down on a woman's heart!!
Momo: Interesing to make fun of others?! How is that possible?!
Momo: If you can understand the pain of love, you should have felt the same feelings in the past as well!
Momo: Because you're also a woman!
Momo: Too bad for this competiton.
Momo: Are you wounds alright?
Momo: I'm sorry.
Momo: Did I hurt Iroha-dono due to my childish actions?
Iro: This is not Momoko-senpai's fault!
Iro: The both of you are husband and wife. I should be the one apologising!
Momo: Don't worry! We're not husband and wife at all!
Momo: Koshi-dono has never said "I love you", nor had he ever called me his "wife".
Momo: It was just my own thinkings!
Momo: It is nothing wrong with what you did!
Inu: She...
Inu: Although she's always smiling, but is that what she has been always thinking?
Momo: Iroha-dono. Do not show any mercy during the fights!
Iro: Fight?
Momo: Yup! It is the fight to obtain a guy's love.
Momo: It is a battle where we put our lives on the line. {Note: This "life" would mean future in this sense}
Iro: A love... Battle?
Momo: That's right! If you show any mercy, you'll lose that life.
momo: Who would get Koshi-dono's love?
Momo: After this fight is over, let's compete for it!
Iro: Yes, Momoko-senpai!
Ten: I couldn't do that...
Ten: If it was just a mere joke, I can say that. The same goes for my lies.
Ten: But, if it is the true words of my heart...
Ten: Because, at that time,
Ten: I was a little happen when you were able to see my true self.
Han: Tenten-san.
Han: Tenka-kun!
tenka: Where's Momoko and Inuzuka?
Iru: They're gone.
Iru: To end this.
Momo: We finally come to the last battle.
Inu: Yeah. You're right.
Inu: If we don't drink the cure before the sun sets...
momo: Don't worry!
Momo: We'll make it!
Momo: For the wishes of the peoeple we love.
Momo: Confusion.
Momo: Vexing.
Momo: Hard work.
Momo: Their smiles.
Momo: We will be able to return to the life we had!
Momo: Returning to that life...
Momo: We will!

Momo: Alright! The next Sumomomomomomomo...
Momo: Returning to those days!
Ten: I'm serious!
Han: In the end, you didn't say it!
Ten: What?
han: Koganei-san. I...
Momo: Koshi-dono!


There we go. Best ep (not evar, ep4 takes the cream) in a long time. And the storyline, while predictable, is going nicely.

10 March 2007

Code Geass Episode 20

Yay, Meteor Unit!

Yay, Freedom!

And to those who say that CLAMP has nothing to do with the storyline, you should watch this closely. There are so many "underlying" meanings in this episode, I think a girl I know creamed her pants.

Wait, that doesn't sound right...



Equilibrium: 'Cambodia no toromo kikan ni tsunaide'
Equilibrium: which should be something like 'connect me to the Toromo institute in Cambodia' or whatever.

<3. I couldn't get that line. Here it is! \o/ Many thanks to Equilibrium!

05 March 2007

Code Geass 19


And, we're done.

For this week, at least.

Ayako vs Your-Mom, the difference

That link there is quite right, because when I joined Ayako, the YM team consisted of me and ArcticWolf, who left due to some problems. And I've stepped down from the "leadership" position due to life and school.

So yeah, Ayako's operational methods differ rather hugely from this team, thanks to the new management system.

04 March 2007

Code Geass Episode 18

So, I happen to have some free time this week, and the staff is sick of me spoiling Code Geass and moaning how it is Gundam Seed in disguise.





Regards to the guys over in GF for giving me this idea... ;)

And on that mental elevator thing, I don't even know wtf it is. I took some references out after watching 19.