30 April 2008

D.Gray-Man 81

Here is the bt link for everyone ^^

D.Gray-Man Episode 81 XviD
D.Gray-Man Episode 81 H264

24 April 2008

D.Gray-Man 80

Blame my timer for late release ><
Some bad communications led to that but well... Late post as well xD

D.Gray-Man 80 XviD

18 April 2008

D.Gray-Man 79

Released of D.Gray-Man 79(XVID) and h264
Project might or might not be dropped, not confirm yet. Firstly I have to see I have time next week. First week of school is so havoc. The start of my study in Therapy.

16 April 2008

D.Gray-Man Dropped

Reason for dropping? Seriously I've never been so hesitant in dropping a project. I had a hard time thinking about it before coming to such a decision. Thanks for all the support I've received so far. But my school just started and I'm really busy with my therapy course and my timetable isn't kind to me either. D.Gray-Man dropped, Spi looking for TLs for branching out TL.

13 April 2008

New animes this season?

Not too sure. Due to the entire Ayako team being used to pwn some nublets who can't encode OR get a good raw, chance should be low.

As for me, I'm still working on my paper. Don't mind me. Just move along.

09 April 2008

D.Gray-Man 78

Spi's fapping to naked Kanda and Miranda in seifuku xD

D.Gray-Man 78 (SD)

D.Gray-Man 78 (HQ)

02 April 2008

Okawari Last Episode OUT! And a SURPRISE RELEASE

Minami-ke Okawarihas ended. Hosaka continues with his one-sided affair with Haruka. And a new surprise for everyone. Screw SpiegelEiXXL for naming the anime wrongly.

[X​_X] Minami-ke Okawari - 13 [AA000013].​avi

Surprise project D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Episode 77