09 October 2008

OK, I lied.

Right. 4 months on, and I'm still prodding that PoT thing like a 4 year old looking at some vegetables.

Let's be honest here.

I don't have the time to do it any more. I'm really sorry, but level 3 uni subjects are just too annoying. I have the PoT raws with me, but meh. Time is killing me.

Besides, I'm an old subber now (and it's only 3 years). Time to move on and do something more constructive (like randomly rating a company's junk bonds into AAA grade ftw!!). The new generation will come in. Some 17 year old will have this sudden urge to start subbing.

Who knows.

How about asking someone else to do it instead? Hurr. If anyone is an editor out there who has an ass of a Translator hanging around, try asking. The TL might just like the show enough to start working on it.

Just like me...

And oh yes, in case you are wondering, I've NEVER watched PoT in my entire life until this Finals OVA.