29 June 2006

School Rumble Term 2 Episode 12




2 things!
I will be on vacation from 30th to the 4th
If you want a new encoder, you can try and find one, but you know its not going to be as good, since the encoder will prbbly JUST encode.

the only reason I did not encode the OP until now was because I did not know you wanted that to be encoded, I thought it was just a preview file. Second that file was in the wrong fps and took alot of tweaking to get it to work and it still doesn't quite look right. I hope you are happy, I am sorry I am not around enough to talk to you guys. But I try to be around as much as possible.
So see you guys next week... :(

NF: Thanks ALok. :D. Hmm.... Now to get Wolfie

27 June 2006


Now it would be great if I was told what they wanted, but they don't seem to know what they want but they want it...
So now if they would give me something then i would do it... but they don't know...

NF: What we just want is to see SL12 the way it is, instead of you all going lazy and encoding with the wrong opening.

FFS, I spent 6 hours on that crap, plus begging a few people to work on the effects and checking the kanji/romanji/translation. For once, I just wanted a decent full Soul Link release. Is that too much to ask for?

Edit.. Seish: Erm.. I know how that shit feels. In some cases not caring about something is logical, like crying because something isn't "good enough". But when you're responsible for fucking up someone's work and not giving a shit, that's a whole different story.

I really haven't said much to anyone about this, just spoke to NF about it... (I hate whining) But what ALok is doing to NF is retarded. If anyone is an encoder and wants to encode our works correctly, feel free to pm me on irc, I go by the names Seish or Primula.

I will agree on NF on this one. We don't take subbing seriously, but if we work on something, it should at least be used. If our work isn't used that completely takes the fun out of it.

I'm abandoning the group until there's v3 of soul link. Or we just simply need to re-name ourselves and find a new encoder.. Either or it doesn't matter. I believe NF made the decision, and I agree on it, there will be no SR until SL 12 v3, the right way. So if you want SR, herass ALok to encode properly, or find us a new encoder.

26 June 2006

Too many files.../ Soul Link 12 [END]

NightFalcon has got to lay off on the changes... :(
So I missed half the script...
Thats what you get for bothering me with AFX...
(trying to fix the unbroken)


NF's edit: Fine fine. It's just 1 miserable episode. :P At least we finally have KARA and an actual song translations. Ugh.

Special thanks for this episode goes out to vg, vg's friend, and Shizuku. Without them, episode 12 won't take this long to come out, nor will there be a v2.

Oh wait, that actually sounded bad. XD

But yes, this is the last episode of Soul link. Enjoy it. Trust me, for a rather average series (this started off horribly slow, don't you think?), it ended fairly well.

Have fun!

21 June 2006

School Rumble 2 Episode 11



Stupid overlaps.

19 June 2006


11 or 12?
who knows?
have a torrent.

Treat Your Mom Right!

Bored? Watch this video.

17 June 2006

Tonight on Opera's PrimeTime (or whatever): Seish!

Boredom strikes.

[12:22am] <&Asa-senpai> So, erm, hello Seish
[12:22am] your nick is now NightFalcon
[12:22am] <&Sia> Hello
[12:22am] <&Sia> Hello
[12:22am] <&NightFalcon> So, why did you decide to pick up Fansubbing?
[12:22am] &Sia (atrocities@****) is now known as &Seish
[12:22am] <&Seish> Becuase I was forced into it.
[12:23am] <&NightFalcon> Ah, I see
[12:23am] <&NightFalcon> Enjoyable so far, Mr Seish?
[12:23am] <&Seish> Enjoyable? Of course, otherwise I wouldn't do it.
[12:23am] <&NightFalcon> Being whipped by the likes of me and YunaX. How is thatbutt hurting?
[12:23am] <&amp;NightFalcon> Haha. ;D
[12:23am] <&Seish> Very.. soft.. penetratable..
[12:24am] <&NightFalcon> That's why I always liked you,. >:D
[12:24am] <&NightFalcon> So, what's the first series you have subbed?
[12:24am] <&Seish> Hmmmmm
[12:24am] <&Seish> This one..
[12:24am] <&Seish> School rumble..
[12:24am] <&NightFalcon> Oh, the one which cz timed halfway, then passed it to ALok, who passed it to you?
[12:24am] <&Seish> Yeah.
[12:24am] <&NightFalcon> XD. I see
[12:25am] <&Seish> I picked up subbing because CZ couldnt do the job.
[12:25am] <&NightFalcon> >:D
[12:25am] <&Seish> At least, do it correctly.
[12:25am] lol
[12:25am] <&NightFalcon> No comment, because if I say "I agree", I would be showing biasedness
[12:25am] <&amp;NightFalcon> ;)
[12:25am] <&Seish> In opinion, yes.
[12:25am] <&NightFalcon> So, what is your favourite series, Seish?
[12:25am] <&Seish> In factual information, no.
[12:25am] <&Seish> Canvas2
[12:26am] <&NightFalcon> Favourite Anime girl?
[12:26am] <&Seish> It would be shuffle, but shuffle had a shitty ending... I hated the ending of shuffle.
[12:26am] <&NightFalcon> ASA SENPAI ENDING IS FTW
[12:26am] <&NightFalcon> SO HUSH YOU
[12:26am] <&Seish> Emo ending..
[12:26am] <&NightFalcon> Quite true
[12:26am] <&Seish> Anywase for ... anime girls lets see..
[12:27am] <&Seish> I do not usually like blondes.. but I have to go with elis.. on this one....
[12:27am] <&NightFalcon> Elis? Who?
[12:27am] <&Seish> From canvas 2
[12:27am] <&NightFalcon> Which series?
[12:27am] from canvas 2
[12:27am] <&NightFalcon> I see
[12:27am] cousincest
[12:27am] <&NightFalcon> Yay
[12:27am] <&NightFalcon> That's cool
[12:27am] <&NightFalcon> incest is always the best
[12:27am] <&NightFalcon> So, favourite anime guy?
[12:28am] <&Seish> The seishirou from tsubasa chronicle.
[12:28am] <&NightFalcon> I see
[12:28am] <&NightFalcon> So, what's the genre of animes you like?
[12:29am] <&Seish> I hate narrarated animes.
[12:29am] <&Seish> For the most part, I will watch anything that has a good story.
[12:30am] <&Seish> For example, I couldn't stand suzumiya...
[12:30am] <&Seish> I got sick of that after 10 minutes.
[12:30am] <&NightFalcon> Haruhi?
[12:30am] <&NightFalcon> Dude
[12:30am] lol iwas going to ask that
[12:31am] <&Seish> I did watch episode 2...
[12:31am] <&Seish> I watched 1 and 2..
[12:31am] <&Seish> I was like wow...
[12:31am] <&Seish> No thanks
[12:31am] <&amp;NightFalcon> =(
[12:31am] <&NightFalcon> Alright
[12:31am] <&NightFalcon> Here's another question:
[12:31am] <&NightFalcon> Are you gay?
[12:31am] <&Seish> Hell no.
[12:31am] <&NightFalcon> Why?
[12:31am] <&Seish> I like to joke though.
[12:32am] <&Seish> Why am I not gay?
[12:32am] <&Seish> Because I like girls too much.
[12:32am] <&NightFalcon> So, you joke about being gay, but you are not gay yourself? What kind of logic is that?
[12:32am] <&NightFalcon> If you are gay, you are gay. There's no "grey area"
[12:32am] <&NightFalcon> XD
[12:32am] <&Seish> The logic of me trying to funny.
[12:32am] <&Seish> At least what I see is funny.
[12:32am] <&Seish> to be*
[12:34am] <&NightFalcon> I see
[12:34am] <&NightFalcon> How long do you spend a week to time my scripts?
[12:36am] <&Seish> For 3 scripts I'd spend a good 12-16 hours timing them.
[12:37am] <&NightFalcon> Ah, I see
[12:37am] <&NightFalcon> 4 hours each, at least. Roughly my speed to TL as well.
[12:37am] <&NightFalcon> One final question:
[12:37am] <&NightFalcon> Are you really not gay?
[12:40am] <&Seish> No, Really, I'm not gay.
[12:43am] <&NightFalcon> That concludes the interview
[12:43am] <&NightFalcon> Thank you, Mr Seish

PM Seish for fast buttsex...

14 June 2006

It's REAL, I swear!

School Rumble 2nd Term - Episode 10

Here you go! Have Fun! ;-)

NF edit: I have no idea what card game they are playing. Looks like a cross between Mahjong and Big2.

Edit2: Finally found it. The card game was a reference to Mahjong Legend Akagi. I've never watched that anime, unfortunately.

10 June 2006

Alright, own up.

Bloody hell. Who reported the fake release to Baka-updates? We certainly didn't do it.

People, please. We have said it like 23893902 times that there's no SR this week. The fact that the tag is totally different from the previous ones, seems to have failed as a warning (although, a fairly weak warning. XD).

Although, many thanks for helping us report our release, you have to be careful at times. ._. Baka-updates do not like joke/fake subs to be posted, and we respect them for it by not announcing it there.

So please..... WATCH IT BEFORE YOU ANNOUNCE IT! This goes for all fansubbed animes in general. :o

09 June 2006

It's a trap!

Edit: (Insert that Ackbar "It's a trap ASCII here".) Bah. Stupid blogspot.


THERE IS NO SCHOOL RUMBLE 10 THIS WEEK. We've said it on this site, on IRC, and at the end of School Rumble 9.

But since we get bored when there's no School Rumble, we decided to just put some clips together, to once again, thank the services offered by our fallen Comrade, CarrierZ. (He's still on IRC sometimes though. I didn't know that monks know how to use the net. :o. Must change my mindset.)

However, for those who actually care, here it is.


In it, it contains a tribute, some Blood+, a half-assed TL of the 2nd part of Air Gear 9 (The only one worth watching these past 2 episodes. >_>), and some ding ding dong MTV with half-assed karaoke effects (still pretty neat for such a simple one. LoL). I spent a total of roughly 8 hours putting that together, while ALok supplied the RAWs and the final video.

Was fun.

Speaking of CarrierZ, KNKF is officially my favourite team now. Kaze, founder and leader of KNKF MSNed me to say sorry for our loss (sounds like CarrierZ moved on. XD). However, I'm very impressed with KNKF's leader, since we happen to work on the same project (Soul Link). This is the kind of attitute fansub groups should be showing to each other, and not team X trying to DOS team Y's tracker. We should be doing this for fans, and not for the sake of attention, or to be cool, or something of that crap.

Too bad not every team gets that. Bah.

Go KNKF! You guys rock!

05 June 2006

Soul Link Episode 10


Delicated to cz who has left us to pursue his interests in becoming a monk in Abbazia di Santa Maria della Scala (Italy). Your-Mom wishes him all the best in his future towards becoming a successful monk.

ok, not really...

Edit: Because a fuck up by Seish, expect your eyes to bleed. >___>

What the hell. I think it's time we need QCs.

Edit 2: Fine, we all fucked up. Stop pointing fingers. :P

01 June 2006

Farewell, CarrierZ

Well, it seems like CarrierZ has decided to pursue an actual life and, in his words, "not a virtual life" by becoming a monk in Italy.

Ok, not really a monk (a nun?), but the fact is, this team's founder has decided to leave the team, and fansubbing altogether.

As we know, CarrierZ is one of our founders (I'm the other. Chysil was forced into this. Think Mikuru from Haruhi. :D), and I must say I am deeply saddened to see him leave this fansubbing scene.

As I scrolled through the MSN logs, I can't help it but feel drops of tears gently falling from my eyes.

It all started with: "How did you get my MSN? :-O", a phrase which I sent to CarrierZ. It was on MSN, that both of us got drunk, and gave birth to what this fansub team is today. I still remember that night, 4am, I'm unable to sleep because I can't wait for Otome 26 to come out. It is a night I won't forget (that bastard to me told sleep. :o). On top of that, there were so many times which we screwed around before we finally decided to do both Soul Link and School Rumble (we actually planned to do Air Gear and School Rumble. But blame Chysil XD).

Ah, all the fun times.

Not a second which I regret, despite him having my Otome 24 (yes, we wanted to begin from 24, but his aegis got screwed) and countless scripts hostage (Too many to count. Rofl), I still enjoyed myself. Although the joint for Kamichu never took off from FlameHaze (More scripts to sell), it was that moment of luck when I decided to TL REC (I wanted to TL Rec for a long time. Could not find a team. =( ), that we decided to screw around a little too much in #anime-united.

All the times which you insulted my TLing.

All the times which I said you were lazy.

I'll never forget them.

Farewell, CarrierZ.