11 June 2009

Ayako Fansubs in Sims 3

I got bored studying for my finals, and I've recently obtained Sims 3.

And seeing all the crazy things people are doing with Sims 3, I decided to have a bit of fun on my own.

What if Ayako Fansubs are made in Sims 3?

Do note that as I'm an old fag, the only people I will do are the ones I've worked with. Most of them old and retired staff.

Let's start off:


I've met marsd once, and I don't think this is a good representation of him. But, what the heck. An insane, couch-potato, bookworm, computer whiz suits him perfectly.

His life dream: Gold Digger, where he wants to get married and kill off his evil spouse.

Sounds just like marsd.


Another member I've personally met. An Evil, excitable Schmoozer who is a workholic and has commitment issues suit him perfectly. I lost track of how many times his scripts were late because he was working night shift.

The final member which I've met. An absent-minded, couch potato who is never nude and is also an evil computer whiz. Never nude because Tenshi NEVER watches porn.


The final member (and one of the last men standing) of the TL team, cowteats. Why female? Because I needed it to be female to make those huge boobs. A couch potato who is insane, good (he helped us heaps of times), and is also a hopeless romantic who is a computer whiz because of the amount of H-Games he plays.

The Edit team:

An evil couch potato who is excitable and friendly, and also has a nice sense of humor, since he's like the only few guys now with a WB when I get into the channel.


HA! A workaholic couch potato who is ambitous (TAKE DOWN TEAM X) and who is, no doubt, a computer whiz.

Did I mention he's evil. I still won't forget the time he blackmailed me into doing Heroic Age.


Sup matey? Insane couch potato who is both good and friendly. Computer Whiz added because I didn't know what else to add.


Expected anything less? Insane, hates the outdoors, is an evil genius who is also a heavy sleeper (Had to keep spamming him to get him to wake up, generally).

And that's the team!

But, what about the house they live in?

Main Channel:

As you can see, the main channel is just a room with heaps of chairs. Nothing much, because, IT IS NOTHING MUCH!

A fence surrounds the "all exclusive staff channel", because it makes people feel good and stuff.

Or whatever.

Staff channel itself:

The first floor of the Ayako house is the staff channel. Just a warm, cozy fire place with lots of chairs where everyone just sits on their ass. Chatting. Note the gate on the fence, which means that you CAN enter the staff channel, if you can.

Moving up, we have the Translator's room. 3 beds for 2 current translators because the 3rd is for the random translator who we whored in, but probably ran away after realising that TLing is too hard.

The 3rd floor is the Editor's/Timer's rooms.

Combined, because Sims won't let me build past 4 floors. Just beds, a desk with computers.

That's all fansubbers need. Really.

Spi's personal exclusive office/bedroom.

As boss, he gets access to a room with WINDOWS and is actually WELL LIGHTED. Also an actual bed with doors which require knocking before entering his private exclusive suite. It even features a bathroom for his private usage, and the pictures (not shown) and the statues signify his position in power.


But NF, what's that crap at the back? That, my dear friend, is the retirement home. Yes, Ayako is kind enough to have retirement homes for people who have successfully retired. Beds, windows and chairs are all there for you to sigh and talk to each other about "the good old times" where "fans don't make demands".


And yes, it is close to the house because some day, when your ass is suddenly needed because a translator killed a project, you'll be forced to work in those dark, lonely and wet corners in the house on a project thrusted into your face.

That's, the life of fansubbing.

Now, in Sims!