31 August 2006

School Rumble Term 2 Episode 22


Mmm, Japanese traditions. Had to wiki most of it as my knowledge of them is limited.

They should BE right. Took me a long while to find out about them.

30 August 2006

In light of the recent Doremi happenings,

No, I'm NOT here to rant about Doremi. If you want to join the crowd, go to DM's site.

In actual fact, I'm praising them for the great response they gave to this matter.

Respect +10.

And of course, some groups, respect -10. -_-

Oh well.

That is all.

29 August 2006

Utawarerumono 22

Aruru ;_;

And no, you know you can't resist us.


27 August 2006

Blood+ Episode 46


Confession! Desires!


May the weather be fine tomorrow.

And oh, this is quite VLC watchable. We only have time to do 45 once.

But please, use MPC where possible. -_-

Edit by Leha: Stop being lazy - NightFalcon.

NF edit: ALok messed it up for VLC people. Sorry about that. Won't happen in 47, if you STILL insist on VLC. MPC here. http://www.cccp-project.net/

Why do we insist on MPC/CCCP? We are not saying VLC sucks, it is a great player by its own rights. However, it is simply not suitable for watching mkv files, despite the lack of problems you have with X teams. Unfortunately, it has problems with US. We recommend MPC so that you can continue to watch more MKV files in peace, as it is becoming the preferred codec to be used.

Note: We are NOT forcing you to switch to MPC. MKV just makes it easier for ALok to encode, hence getting it out faster. There is always an alternative via Shinsen-subs who does avi versions. You ca get their version if you have violent objections against MPC for whatever reasons.

26 August 2006


Q: Where can I get School Rumble X? (after episode 12, most likely)
A: <&ALok> http://xrl.us/ymtorrents

Q: How do I download from IRC?
A: Come into the channel, look at the triggers, type them. Instructions are all there. DDLs, XDCC and torrent. If you don't know how to use XDCC, use DDL. They're probably faster anyway.

Q: Who do I talk to if I want to offer my services?
A: Any of the protected ops. They'll refer to me anyway.

...Lazy bitches. >:D

Q: How do I get the song from your site?
A: I cannot say it, but I would recommend you to look at the page source. Kajiura is great isn't she?

Q: I hate your song! Can you get rid of it?
A: Get adblocker plus (firefox). Add it to the "to be blocked list".

Q: Can you please sub X?
A: We'll look at it, but chances is, no. But there have been exceptions, such as our messed up Black Lagoon.

Q: What's with you guys and group X?
A: Stuff we do not wish to talk about, nor do we have any interest to further it.

Q: Is Seish gay? Do you sleep with him? Why? When? Send pictures?
A: Yes, no, no idea, never, http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=EZE8S8E-BBT.

Q: Why do you have wannabe on your channel?
A: Cause WF loves us.

24 August 2006

Fansubbing, is it really what it is?

These days, fansubbers take time off their free time, and work tirelessly for the people to enjoy animes so that they don't have to wait 6 months for bandai/funimation to bring it into their country, or in many cases (US != the world, unfortunately), bringing animes to places where the latest animes is Fruit basket or something similar (I come from one such country).

Unfortunately, fansubbing today, in general, isn't exactly "fans subbing for fans".


First of all, the second "fans", otherwise known more commonly as "leeches". I prefer to call them "supporters", but what the hell.

While there are many out there who are very appriciative of the works fansubbers do, there are many more out there who moan, cry and do just about everything else when a release is delayed. They grow impatient, they swear, they beg, they cry, they keep asking "WHEN IS IT DONE?", when the fansubbers themselves are trying hard to balance life and fansubbing.

And even it's done, the complaints don't stop there. People complain about subs going too fast, poor encode (when they can't tell the difference from a poor raw and poor encode 80% of the time), and poor grammar because the team used "she is" instead of "she's".

The complaining never stops.


I feel that the leeches are too pampered in this world of fast internet. Back in the old times with 1.5mbit being considered "wow", and the majority of the world using 56k, fansubbing is something which everyone respected, because it is difficult download the goods, and much more difficult for things to work on. With people obtaining 24mbit lines and even unmetered gigabyte lines, animes can be obtained within minutes, watched, and tossed away in a time which is far shorter than the time needed to put the release together.

[Alok Edit]
And before that things were done on VHS, (you know those big black things,) and the equipment necessary for that was really expensive, in the advent of digisubing fansubbing costs have come down, back then you would have to have the tapes mail ordered, these days you can download it all for free.
Ref: Fansubbing on Wiki
and my favorite guide on fansubbing (its old now, but still a classic): digisub guide

But however, coming back to the argument of being pampered, leeches today expect, no, demand, anime at the snap of their fingertips. They want it now, they want it fast. They want it perfect, so they can burn it into their DVD collections. Hence, you see complaints of "poor karaoke", "poor typesetting" and all that crap.

The expectations of fansubbing these days is that if you don't do a perfect job, you suck. Never mind that all they do is talk and criticise.

But is the fault lying solely on the leeches?

To be honest, I think not.

Fansubbers are to blame too.

To some fansubbers, they do this for "honour" and "glory". They like to announce their contributions all over the internet in every forum they can find, with words such as "Yeah, well, thank me for encoding this episode, or you won't get to watch it this quickly. Hehe."

Fansubbing has turned into a "Who's who" game to some.

They want that recogniation of being somebody in this vast majority of people in the internet, never mind it is not known in real life. They take on a billion projects, nevermind that they got very limited staff, or that they have a million unfinished jobs.

They just want to be known.

What's worse, some fansubbers "punish" leeches who complain by withholding releases and dropping projects (or at least, threaten to drop them, as you sometimes see on Tosho). They act all mighty and big in their channels, a world they can dominate in front of their 32 inch plasma monitor screen.

It's stupid really. What some fansubbers don't see, is that without fans, they are NOTHING. Who downloads their releases so that can jack off while they see the leeching numbers increase? Fans. Who are the ones going into the channel, allowing it to hit X? Fans.

Yet, they don't care. In their channel, it's their turf. They do whatever they want. People say things they don't like, kick ban bai. During times before release time, they will moderate the channel and spoil everything, or taunt the fans.

Just about every silly thing which makes them feel that they are in a "dominating" position.

Of course, there's this "war" thing going between some teams. We honestly do things for fun, because unlike other leeches who whine and whine when something is delayed, we pick it up, and DO it, so we can watch it.

Of course, unfortunately, this makes groups angry. So angry that they want to shoot us in the face (fansubbers will find it hard to buy good insurance, I think. Mine just got cancelled). Unfortunately, they fail to see how this is a much better solution for us other than us whining. They call us vultures, and other funny bird names and whatever.

But really, have they ever thought why we are forced to do this? Do they think it's EASY to make an episode? And frankly, I've got so many more better things to do than to start a "war".

Hence, the attitute of the leeches, the fansubbers, and the relationships between fansubbers, has degraded fansubbing quite a bit. Fansubbing is now seen as the alternative to buying DVDs, when it should have had been just to raise awareness of an anime. Many animes such as Shakugan No Shana, Utawarerumono and Haruhi, just to name a few, will never be as popular as they are without fansubbing. Yet, everyone is looking at fansubbing at a different thing now.

It's no longer about "fans subbing for fans".

It has come down to the individual. What they want, what they demand, and whatever kick they get while fansubbing.

23 August 2006

tritapaseena HOWL!

School Rumble 2nd Term - 20
School Rumble 2nd Term - 21

Utawarerumono - 21

NF: 20 and 21 are NOT related. Like the preview of 19 said, they just did a dual release. If your torrent/download for 21 finished first, you can watch it without missing/spoiling anything from 20.

And don't ask me about Uta21.... but next week should be cute.

22 August 2006

Blood+ Episode 45

Life messed us up real good this week -_-


Also, if you are watching this on VLC, perhaps, there's a reason why you are seeing all my random comments on 44. They were NOT supposed to be seen, in any case. Anyone using MPC won't see them. Only VLC likes to mess things up,

17 August 2006


16 August 2006


Man, boredom strikes.

15 August 2006

[Your-Mom] School Rumble 2nd - 19


14 August 2006

Blood+ 43


Blood+ 44


12 August 2006

Alchemy of Encoding: Demystified

I use MeGUI, I like its bitrate calculation, it makes me most comfortable.

My settings are pretty normal, I use mencoder to encode xvid with max 4 Bframes and I put it in cartoon mode, (I dunno if cartoon mode does anything).
I usually leave the mp3 untouched, straight extracted from the raw. I do the avs script with pretty much nothing, just the textsub.
My bitrate usually ends up in the 800-900 area, and in the end I use avimuxgui to make the final avi.

That is all, I do not do anything special. And VDubMod sucks for encoiding, its fine for editing.

11 August 2006

Random quote

Obsession with fansubbing keeps many losers too busy to notice how insignificant they are. That's why it's so important to them.


In any case, we are looking for projects to do after SR, which will end in X weeks time. Suggestions on NEW project (not old, please), just hop onto the IRC channel and say it.

So far, I'm eyeing this for the sole fact that Koshimizu is on it. \o/

09 August 2006

SR18 and Blood+ 40

SR 18: Torrent

Blood+ 40: Torrent


All staff members are kindly reminded not to entertain (self-proclaimed) 5 year old kids who can't debate even if their lives depend on it.

07 August 2006

With our family growing bigger....

I believe it's time for another round of introductions.

While we are all commies in this team, we do believe in Mao's "Some are more equal than others" law. So with that, us founders will be introduced first. HARHARHAR.


This team was created on a stormy night, with the cold winds blowing across our backs, chilling our bones down to the very atom. On MSN.

Me and CarrierZ were celebrating the release of an episode with our usual beers and chips. Suddenly, he said "OMFG, LET'S DO OTOME. LOLOL"

Since I was in love with Mai Nakahara, who plays Mai in HiME and Otome, and alcohol influencing my decision, I agreed.

Initially, this team was supposed to be called "Otometards", another one of brillent name from CarrierZ.

"That is retarded -_-" was my reply.

We were supposed to do episode 24 first, but because CarrierZ fucked up, I have yet another script on my hands to sell on Ebay.

And so, our first release was episode 25. On that day, I had completed translations of 3 other projects, and the twin otome episodes were the last of my list on a rather long day. So, as the clock read midnight, my parents asleep, my cat enjoying its food, I began my work on Mai Otome 25/26.

It was 4am before I finally completed the two episodes. Tired, I just flung them at CarrierZ, and went to bed.

The next day, I saw our release.


And so, our team was born. \o/

It wasn't supposed to "exist" after Otome 26, but because of a certain conflicts with another team both of us are in, we decided to continue with this team, and start from scratch, subbing Soul Link and School Rumble Term 2.

And then, it began, the magical journey which brought us to disneyland and where we are today.

Just a bunch of idiots fansubbing what we want.


CarrierZ, the monk - Retired timer/translator/typesetter/encoder. Currently giving the team spirtual advice on projects.

He is still one of the fastest timers I've seen, but thanks to WoW, he has decided that god was calling for him, and hence, he sold everything he had to start a life as a monk in Italy. Appartently, all monks do everyday is to eat, sleep, shit, and play WoW. He comes onto the channel at times to bless our releases or to smite us (usually me) when we messed up. Before we start on a new project, he must approve it (we assume he does if he isn't around), and then bless it with holy water. Our releases must be only done on a lucky day, or else, "bad things will happen".

Or something.

NightFalcon, the bird - Translator/timer/typesetter.

I'm not the best TLer out there, but hey, I make the grade (although many would disagree. Here's my reply: "_|_"). I time and typeset when I'm free, and all the karas of this team are created by me. With CarrierZ gone, I am supposed to be the leader of this team, but no one really respects my position anyway.


Team members

Chysil, the married man - Editor/Translation checker.

The first "female" of the team, as well as our first recruit. Why the word "female" is in inverted commas will be left to your imagination. However, in July this year, s/he ran away from us to get married to his long time female partner. This meant many broken hearts on our team, because Chysil was a rather sweet female who likes being humped for no reason. However, he does show that fansubbers are not overweight 30 year old japanese men who are living in their parents' basements playing WoW everyday.

ALok, the seriously playful lolicon - Encoder/Raw provider/Typesetter/head distro

ALok is probably the most serious person in our team, but actually, beneath that layers of iron, you can find that he is quite a nice person to be with. Just dangle loli in front of him with a stick, and he's all yours. He took over the encoding from CarrierZ who were encoding episodes, in his own words, "looked like censored hentai". He randomly does typesetting in School Rumble, but 9 times out of 10, it's just our lazy \an8. He also heads the distro staff as he distrobutes things after they are encoded via BT and DDL. The rest of the distro-staff will just have to find ways to get things.

However, there is a crime which ALok committed, which was to steal the IRC channel. You would think that I would have control, but thanks to CarrierZ fucking up (again), ALok has it. Meeh.

Who cares.

Gott, our beer drinking distro - Distro

Gott is our first distro, and so, he's the one who really helped us out when we were still green. While he has a love for beers, he's never drunk, no matter how much he drinks, a feat which we are still trying to achieve, while failing miserably at the process.

Seish, the hentai king that don't give a fucc - Timer

Seish joined the group when his hentai bot, HCG, was sending loads of hentai to CarrierZ. He officially became a member when CarrierZ started slacking off and left the slack to Seish. If he isn't timing or working, he would be jacking off to that 50gb of hentai/porn he has on his hard drive. You would think that 50gb would benefit your computer greatly....

ArcticWolf, yet another lolicon encoder - Encoder/Distro

ArcticWolf started hellping out our team when a rival team kicked him out, and when we were in bad need of distro. His Epylon bot was very useful for a while, until it died. However, it seems to be coming back soon, and we hope that ArcticWolf would still remember our team. Like all encoders, he has an intense fascination with young, animated girls with big eyes commonly found in anime, even taking up a university course to discover why he is acting so. However, despite his best efforts, he has yet to discover the reason for his fascination with young animated girls, commonly known as "loli".

seraphangel, the silent angel - Distro

He never speaks in the channel, but his bot is there. The moment you see him speak, buy lottery.

gaba, hentai passes guru - Site design/hentai provider

Gaba joined the team by creating the banner you see at the top. However, because his server died or something, he replaced it with a new one and placed it on a more stable server (imageshack). Sometimes, he provides cracked keys to sites which offer porn, an offer snapped up by staff and leeches alike. To date, Seish has benefitted from him with over 14gb of porn, and even I myself have obtained 500mb.

ruinevil, ALok's best friend - Distro

With everyone trying to figure out wtf ALok has on his site, and all their futile attempts to use download managers to resume/download the releases, one man managed to crack it.

ruinevil. Not Ruinevil, as I've discovered.

Since then, the both of them hit off like soul mates reunited after 5 long lost generations. base32,64,128, whatever. Things which would cause a normal person like me to incur a brain explosion. With his abilities, he has helped us with our releases via DDL.

\404, the Godzilla fan - Distro

With a bot named godzilla, \404 will ensure that King Kong will not destroy the city of Japan. No idea why, but he does provide additional distrobution help via DDL.

And yes, godzilla > ALokbot.

Robocrop, Robot with crap - Editor

He's our first of the many who tries to join our depleted staff department. Unfortunately for him, he did mess up quite a bit during his first few assignments, leading to him being affectionally called "robocrap". However, with time, I'm sure he will be able to perform better.

Shak, your friendly neighbourhood noob editor - Editor

As Robocrop needs to go to bed by 10pm every night, we decided to look for a second editor who can help us out in times of need. Shak presented the answer after I personally interviewed the people, many who thinks they can edit with a grade 6 English skills. Shak passed my otherwise ridiculous test, and did perform reasonably well in his first 3 projects. On IRC, he's probably friendly, but most of the times, he's probably ALok's best friend, as they never join us in our wild gay orgies or our random flaming of teams and people. However, with time, he'll change. That, I promise you.

Leha, the team's mascot and caretaker - Distro/Editor

Seish's answer to my 1. e4 e5, 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3, was Leha. Perhaps one of the most experienced person in the team, she provides our team with much needed distrobution abilities. After tormenting her with yet another ridiculous test set by me, she was accepted into the team after she passed with flying colours. At the age of X, she's the oldest in the team, but usually, she acts like a 14 year old sex deprived girl who first discovered poronography after she found some porn magazines underneath her younger brother's bed. Dildos, strap-ons, vibrators. You name it, she has it. And she's not shy to wield them for her own twisted sadistic pleasure. If you thought that men are the dominating ones, think again. She'll make you run home crying for Your-Mom.

That's it for now. I hope I didn't miss anyone, but hey, that's what edit is for.

Questions about this group.

Taken from yesy forums:
Random: "are they trying to be hated by the whole fansub community or what?... first mai otome (but nobody cared about them back then), then school rumble ni gakki, then soul link and utawarerumono... after that, it's muteki kanban musume... now it's black lagoon and blood+... they have love get chu on their project list too, but all the groups are on the first episode with that series, so i'm not going to comment on that...

seriously, i don't get what's their problem... if they really want to help the leechers by quickly releasing a watch-only version of episodes, at least get a better translator and get somebody who knows english to check the translation... if they do that, i might not complain about what they're doing...

btw, have anyone seen their work after they got that new editor?... i haven't, so i'm not going to comment on those works yet...

seriously, if they have the time to make a group like this, why not just join the groups working on the projects and help them out?...

Another random: "hmmmm we're bored, who should we piss off next? SS?? Yesy?? Domeri"

Yet another random: "
Why should anyone even care about what animes they decide to fansub? The don't do a good job going over their text but as far as i'm concerned it's watchable. If I plan on saving a series (like Utawarerumono) i'd get Yesy version. But if I want to see School Rumble i'll download their version and watch it. They have SERIOUS issues with simple spellchecking... I don't think they even have a true editor. They just type up subs and slap them on. Now they seem to have two editors so hopefully they'll run it through MS word finally and atleast get rid of the simple typos.

I dunno exactly why they want to take on so many animes at once but all the power to them if they can get the episodes out before other groups. Maybe they are trying to jump on projects they like and want to build up a group so they can continue to do a better job? *shrug* Dattebayo speedsubs every episode of Bleach/Naruto and does an excellent job. I'm glad to see another group coming along that will focus on getting the episodes out quickly. Sure they need to improve on stuff but that takes time.

It still amazes me how litttle extra effort would be needed to make their episodes sooo much better. Yet they can't seem to take a few minutes to paste some dialog into MS word."

Another anti social random: "
They can figuratively be the best speed translators in the world and I still will refuse to download an anime series from them. Why, does one ask? Their group name is your_mom. Granted that as a collective whole we are anime fans but seriously, they should show a LITTLE bit of professionalism. Also, if one is going to speedsub a series, at LEAST there should be somebody to check all the grammar and punctuation of the translations before the subtitles are put on.

/hiyo, have you ever played Risk and tried to capture Asia early on? I would venture to say that is also ym's problem as well (analogically speaking)..
//Still, that's no excuse for not being professional, especially with a fansub group name like THAT."

Another random: "
Well I touched on the fact they obviously haven't bothered checking over their dialog. Hopefully they fix that soon. As for the name "Your-Mom" I don't see how that affect their fansubs. I'm wondering if people are just more jealous of them cause they prove that people sohuld be able to get fansubs out within a day of them airing Razz Albeit they should be editing the stuff better... which still wouldn't add much time."
Instead of me posting in their forums, I'll post it here.

This is exactly why we fansub. We do what we want. We personally want to sub things, not for glory, not for anything. ALok wanted to see blood+ 39, so we subbed it. We will probably pick that series up because it really lacks a speedsub group. We don't care about these unwritten rules you guys constantly rant on about. We don't care if you watch or don't watch our releases. We sub for the general audience, what they want to see. We watch subs ourselves, and we hate it when groups make people wait weeks, months, to release something that's hot. So, as I say, if you don't like how something is done, do it yourself. We don't exist to cause grief, people decide to take things offensive.

People constantly cry about quality. You forget that people do this for free. Hence if you guys don't like our subs, do them yourselves? Don't waste our bandwidth just so we can hear you tear up about something that doesn't hold up to your standard. Maybe you can do them better as fast as us too. I challenge you.

Some people cry about translations. About 95% of the people who cry about the translations do not know japanese. This is a fact, because if you did know japanese you would not be watching fansubs. And that 5% that does know japanese picks and complains about the smallest things. (Now I expect some virgin to try and contradict me with a screenshot from YM and a literal definition or some literal translation or something of that nature)

Lets see.. Editor.. Hmm where to start. Our first editor got married. (Yes we have contact with females outside of our families and business/work lives.) We went for a while without an editor, was raw senseless TLs for a while. And I recruited someone who was completely useless (robocrap) - can't edit for shit, so we found another editor - shak, who seems to do a decent job now. I recruited a second editor a few days ago, and we're yet to see if she does a good job :D

Btw, since when are fansubs professional? They are FREE. Don't waste our bandwidth if you don't like them.

I hope I answered everyone's questions.


NF's edit

Professionalism. Mmm. Where do I start? First of all, are we running a business? Are we selling anything? Are we begging for donations for work? Do you see a "PAYPAL" link anywhere?


Seriously, this isn't a job. Most of us are merely university students with a part-time job and studies on our hands. We do this when we have spare time, and the fact that we can do it quick is a mere bonus. We aren't ADV films or whatever crap it is. Get over it. Your-Mom as a fansub name is unique. It's a new change, instead of calling ourselves "Anime(whatever)" like every other fansub team out there.

A clarification on projects: MKM was specifically stated that it was a solo work done by me, just to raise awareness of the anime. LGC was dropped because CarrierZ left. We have completed Soul Link, and is on course to complete School Rumble Term 2.

seriously, i don't get what's their problem... if they really want to help the leechers by quickly releasing a watch-only version of episodes, at least get a better translator and get somebody who knows english to check the translation... if they do that, i might not complain about what they're doing...

I'll see YOU try to translate. The thing about some people is that they whine and whine, but when you tell them to do it themselves, whoa, they realised they don't have the abilities! Sucks to be you.

seriously, if they have the time to make a group like this, why not just join the groups working on the projects and help them out?

I'll tell you why. I have had plenty of experiences with working in other teams, and some teams take things way too seriously. In the end, nothing gets done. This team which I created is one which takes things lightly. We have fun while doing this, unlike some teams where people sub for the sole purpose of subbing. It takes away the point of Fansubbing: Fans subbing for fans.

Another anti social random: "They can figuratively be the best speed translators in the world and I still will refuse to download an anime series from them. Why, does one ask? Their group name is your_mom. Granted that as a collective whole we are anime fans but seriously, they should show a LITTLE bit of professionalism. Also, if one is going to speedsub a series, at LEAST there should be somebody to check all the grammar and punctuation of the translations before the subtitles are put on.

/hiyo, have you ever played Risk and tried to capture Asia early on? I would venture to say that is also ym's problem as well (analogically speaking)..

Professionalism. Heh. Look up. And I have played risk, and I capture Australia early on. -_- If you're not going to download because of our name, suit yourself. We're not begging you to download our releases.

As for us getting hated, we are not trying to get ourselves hated. We do it so that some people don't have to wait a week to get some stuff, which includes many of our staff. Unlike some teams who seem to take fansubbing as seriously as a world war, we don't. And we don't go into another team's channel to flame them when someone releases ahead of us. When Your-Dad did School Rumble term 2, episode 3 first, we just went ahead with our schedule. Very much unlike a certain yesy staff member who came in and started flaming us after Uta 16. (Side note: Did you see their speed with 17 and 18? Makes you wonder what took them so long to make them release quickly for the past 17 weeks)

However, these random idiots' comments won't stop me from translating. For every leech who hates us, there are more out there who are willing to watch our releases. For these fans, I'm willing to continue to fansub, and enjoy it while I'm doing so.

Continue to flame us. You'll see how much I care. I don't drop projects because I'm flamed, unlike a certain group which dropped demonbane.

05 August 2006

Blood+ 39


Since our encoder, ALok, was instrumental in all of our releases, it's time I did what he wanted to do.

So, he said "Blood+ 39".

Here it is.

Whether we will pick it up, remains to be seen.

02 August 2006

Hurrah, behold the new editor!

As NightFalcon so rightfully mentioned, I am the new editor. I'll be working on School Rumble and whatever other projects come by from the whimsical NightFalcon.

So now the team is complete... almost, we need a leg up on the distro side of the crew, bots would be welcome - #your-mom.

School Rumble 2 Episode 17


This week, I'm pleased to introduce our latest editor, Shak, who is an asylum seeker in Netherlands, about to be tossed into the floating ships or picked up by a pimp catering to monks like CarrierZ. I picked him up in an alleyway behind the 77th, and while he was all scared shitless, I gave him an offer.

"Edit for food and sex".

He took it up.

So yeah, we are changing editors at the speed of Seish changing male sexual partners (twice a day).

Enjoy SR17. I loved this one. Eri X Harima FTW.

01 August 2006

Utawarerumono 18


<&Seish> "Because yesy is lazy and didn't have it done within 12 hours today, we decided to release UM18."