31 July 2007

Heroic Age Episode 17

H264 Torrent
XviD Torrent

And, we're done for this week.

Zero no Tsukaima Season 2 Episode 4

It's out apparently -

T: h264 | xvid
D: none yet!

30 July 2007

Seto no Hanayome Episode 17


2 episodes of CG = 12 hours
Sleep = 3 hours
Uni = 8 hours
SnH = 5 hours

My head... Hurts...

29 July 2007

Code Geass Episode 24 & 25 HQ versions.


Changelog (I think):

-Kara for OP/ED
-Better wording.
-Average = Avenge.
-Random additional goodness.
-C.C.'s butt is much more refined.

And yes, I like wild sex. Random caps lock jamming isn't my idea though. :D

BTW, this holla goes out to FIRENEX of the GameFAQs boards! We love you! 2 mistakes in one line is HUGE. It really is. I can sense the love in the way you simply HAVE to post "*WILL WAIT FOR GG*" or whatever in every single CG YM topic. But don't worry, we still don't get what you mean. After all, we are a sub with "crappy subs, crappy image quality, crappy jokes"



Jayjs20 | Posted 7/30/2007 2:48:18 PM | message detail
I want to be personally mentioned too =(

Pretty please! I'll be a fan of your mom forever! I mean, more then I already am ;)

Anyways, what Suzaku said at the end is actually something like...

I will take care of Nunnally or something. It's one of those lines you have to guess. I was actually going to put "bed". XD

Of course, the editors can't read my mind. But hey, 4am and 4 cans of Red Bull does weird things to your head.

Code Geass Episode 25 LQ version

Rah rah rah.

It's over!

Now, onto the HQ versions.

Code Geass Episode 24 LQ Version


You all know we cannot wait. Screw all those fancy shit. HQ in maybe a few hours as Spi typesets and makes stuff look nice.

But, if you just want to watch it (You don't want to know what kind of raw I translated to. Lol), get this one.


[19:50] (noob[a]) you people are a disgrace to this scene i actually STOPPED watching GOOD shows done by you, because of the terrible lack of professionalism in your subs and mostly retarted typesetting. you are the most hideous group i have ever seen in almost 9 years and trust me not even the bad InuYasha divx rips from years ago are as bad as your SUBS

~ (noob[a]) you are the beginning of a bad generation of anime subbers
~ (noob[a]) you shouldnt take down the scene like this!!!
~(noob[a]) have some fucking pride

[19:54] (noob[a]) well you people are just idiots for not realizing what you're doing right now
[19:54] (noob[a]) i never tought i'd see the day i wished for a groups demise
[19:55] (noob[a]) alot of fansub groups no matter how shabby they are they TRY to make QUAlity

HAHA! Mostly retarded typesetting! That's a good one! It sure made me laugh after a long hard day at work! Thank you!

24 July 2007

Heroic Age 16

Absolutely delicious.

T: h264 | xvid
D: fourzerofour.us

About SnH16: epic fail

That is all.

Seto no Hanayome episode 16

We were completely defeated.
I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!!!

Apparently our encoder fails it.
Links have been removed, just wait for the ayako release.

23 July 2007

Zero no Tsukaima Season 2 Episode 3

Timed and edited at 4am. Delayed for 10 hours. Released at 2:32pm.

As you can tell, I'm beginning to get angry.

T: xvid | h264
D: fourzerofour.us

18 July 2007

Heroic Age 15

Torrents: h264 | xvid
DDL: fourzerofour

enjoy, this may be the best episode of the entire series.



That, while being bitter sweet, just made my day.

Thanks NoSanninWa!

16 July 2007

Seto no Hanayome Episode 15



In related news, we only achieved a disappointing 13.97382479384k downloads on Seto no Hanayome, finishing wayyyy behind Otacon in terms of downloads.

Or something.

I don't know our exact number of downloads, actually. After all, we got better things to do than watch how many people download our episodes. If I wanted epenis, I'll sign up to be a GameFAQs moderator or something.

We just enjoy what we do. :>

Edit: I fucked up the link. Link restored. Sorry about that.

Zero no Tsukaima Season 2 Episode 2

h264 torrent
XviD Torrent


-Less muck ups (I hope >_>).

Doujin Works Episode 2

Don't ask me HOW cz blackmailed a translator into doing this >_>

But no, it's not my project. I recommended it. Ever since then, he has been hunting translators ever since.

12 July 2007

Heroic Age 14

After a 48 hour battle with the beast known only as XviD, SpiegelEiXXL has (finally) emerged victorious, bringing us the delicious loot which we shall call Heroic Age 14.

Torrents: h264 | xvid
DDL: fourzerofour.us

11 July 2007

Ahaha, part X

[kaizoku]Fuck You Your-Mom i hate you guys!!!!!!!!

That from a guy who has a serious lack of creativity. XD

10 July 2007

Prince of Tennis 15

Before you ask for 14, it wasn't translated because it was boring.
Summary: Fudomine gets crushed. The end.

Torrents: xvid | h264
DDL: fourzerofour.us
Bots: ???

ITT Fuji is godly.


Prince of Tennis Episode 13 by \404

I couldn't find 12. To be honest, I watched and deleted my PoT 1-13 episodes, which was why I could only begin translating them from now. And really, 14 is boring.

In other notes, I highly recommend Doujin Works ( SPOON XviD Torrent ) if you like comedy. After all these boring and crappy animes this year, Doujin Work is like fresh air in an underground sewer. We would have done it too, but the decision was made not to work on it because our staff is already so overwhelmed and someone has subbed it.

So, if you have 13 minutes to spare, and enjoy comedy, do give it a look!

And now, to look for a good action comedy.

09 July 2007

Seto no Hanayome episode 14

Your-Mom: 2 - Ayako: 0 - Otacon: 0

Torrent: xvid
DDL: fourzerofour.us
XDCC: you should know by now

The war progresses, but our heroes do not falter.

Zero no Tsukaima Season 2 Episode 1

Or however it is spelled. I'm a little busy right now.

XviD Torrent
H264 torrent

I've not even watched this ep yet. ;o

04 July 2007

Heroic Age Episode 13

XviD Version
H264 Version

We got torrent number 1234 and 1235!


Also, this looks like a 24 episode anime. I think it initially a 13 episode anime, but because it is the best of the lot in this year (Let's face it. The animes this year SUCKs. I just finished watching Nanoha As, and I found it SO much better than what StrikerS is now), it is going to be a 24 ep.


Enjoy watching DNA orgasm!

03 July 2007

Seto no Hanayome Episode 13


We got a little bored and stuff. Since the staff over in Ayako are liek, piss slow, we have decided to have some fun. After all, there is very low competition on SnH anyway.

We hereby declare war on Ayako! DOWN WITH AYAKO.