27 May 2008

Dropping of D.Gray-Man

I seriously thinks this is the curse of Your-Mom. Since I start my lessons late on Wednesday and we release D.Gray-Man early, the raw cappers got nabbed, resulting in late raw release these days. We have no raw cappers atm so the project has been dropped as I am not interested in releasing late.

23 May 2008

D.Gray-Man 84

Late late late! Late raws accumulated into late releases! Will try to solve the Raw problems by next week.

D.Gray-Man 84 XviD
D.Gray-Man 84 H264

14 May 2008

D.Gray-Man 83

Krory!!! Here comes D.Gray 83. Enjoy.

D.Gray-Man 83 (XviD)

07 May 2008

D.Gray-Man 82

Shit I forgot to post here xD
But well here it is for you. Finally I have a late class on Wednesday which means I can do translation in the morning before going to class. And many many thanks to my timer, as well as spi, as well as my Mr Himitsu-san for tlc-ing plus editing for me <333

D.Gray-Man 82 XviD

01 May 2008

Vampire Knight 4

Here is a project of the new season. Regarding episode 1-3, please download from Shouku-dan.
We're continuing from episode 4 onwards ;P and no we aren't affiliated with them at all.

Vampire Knight 4 XviD
Vampire Knight 4 h264