29 March 2007

Gakuen Manabi Straight! Episode 12 Translation

So, after one day of boring economics, I have decided to do something fun instead.

Manabi Straight! Episode 12 translation it is.


Let's just say that the ending is something I can really relate to. I think those who saw my rants back in #Your-mom will know why. :)

But Manabi Straight's ending was really good. In fact, every single episode of Manabi Straight, with the exception of episode 9 or so, ends on a note which makes you feel really nice. It really brightened up my mornings when I watched it during breakfast.

Don't think we'll do a Sumomo on this though. I think I'm the only guy on the team which watches Manabi Straight. (EVERYONE ELSE HAS NO TASTE FOR GOOD ANIMES)

Mika: Bye bye!!

Mika: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!
Mika: Erm, as for the arrangements for the morning's event,
Mika: Short cut, short cut...
Mika: The water containers are to be placed on the third.
Mika: Muchi's Suzurisawa...
Mika: Muchi's... Suzu...
Mut: Fine! Just get here!
Mika: 5 more minutes! Just 5 more minutes!
Mika: Alright? Alright?
Man: Hey!
Man: Here here!
Man: 1, 2...
Man: You're about to be late, Mika-chan!
Mut: Seriously, on such an important day...
Girl: More to the left!
Girl: No.
Girl: I said left!
Girl: More to the right.
Girl: Or maybe the left.
Girl: Which way is it?
Girl: I told you that it's the left!
Mik: Good morning!
Girl: Mika-senpai. Good morning.
Girls: Good mor-...
[1;48]screen: Congratulations on graduating. {I think. They could put "BE GONE ALREADY GODDAMNIT!" at the end}
Mik: I got it, I got it.
Mik: I'll be outside.
Girl: Please come in with everyone once the preparations are ready.
Girl: You must definitely not peek!

Girl: Mika-senpai!!
Mika: Excuse me!

Mik: Western calander, year 2037.
Mik: 10th of March.
[2;27]screen: The 82nd graduation of Seioh.
Mik: The weather is fine.
Mik: It is the best weather for a graduation.
Mik: Seioh's Student council's secretary Inamori Mika, now reporting.

[2;38]screen: The last episode: The future in the colours of the Sakura.

Mik: Manabi-chan!
Man: The sakuras are amazing! They're all blooming!
Mik: Seioh Academy didn't change.
Mik: Although it was absorbed by Aiko Academy,
Mik: Under the management of Kyoko-san, {I wonder if I got the characters mixed up... LoL, but they are showing the principal! I think she's Kyoko}
Mik: The new uniform and the school name was not changed.
Mik: Somehow, after the school festival,
Mik: Kyoko-san made a proposal herself.
Mik: Everyone is still just like the same old ways.
Mik: Reading Manga the entire day,
Mik: Chatting.
Mik: Eating snacks.
Mik: Nothing changed.
Girl: Is she here?
Girl: No.
Girl: Seriously, where is she?
Mut: Safe...
Momo: Uehara-senpai!
Momo: Wow, Muchi-san is really famous!
Mut: Stop kidding. I don't like this at all.
Mei: Oh my. Isn't this great?
Mei: Just give them a ribbon. {I THINK it's a ribbon}
Mut: Momo. Is that a new model?
momo: Because I will need to use it in school, Father brought it for me!
Mut: Ah, I see.
Mut: Your school... Tokyo's Di-Digi..
Momo: Digital Journalist specialist school.
Mut: What kind of a school is that?
Momo: It's to be a Digital Journalist. I think.
Mut: "I think"?
Momo: I'll interview you when you are at the olympics.
Mut: I just got accepted into a professional team, the olympics are totally...
Mei: But, you will want to go, right?
Mut: Well, someday.
Mei: Then, good luck.
Mut: Oh? You had a rare honest reaction...
Mei: Shut up! {<3 I can play this 100 times, and into sleep, and never get bored of this}
Momo: Muchi-san is going to be a pro,
Momo: Momo is going to be a specialist.
Momo: Mei-san is going to uni.
Mei: It is the most proper in my career route.
Mut: Yeah, but... It is really a shock...
Mut: That girl...
Mut: Freelance?
Man: Why?
Mut: Why... I don't think it is Manabi's style.
Mut: You worked so hard to graduate from high school,
Mut: To become some freelance now...
Man: Now, or whenever,
Man: I've yet to become a Freelancer anyway.
Man: I've worked to my best as a student,
Man: So, I will do my best in my job!
Mei: Choosing to work, or to continue her education,
Mei: Such difficult decisions with only a fixed model, it does not suit Amamiya-san.
Mut: I see...
Momo: Hello!
Momo: I brought some christmas cakes!
Momo: Want some?
Momo: L-Looks good...
Mei: Sol Prasti Geadomon's cakes, right? {...}
Mei: It is a branded item.
Man: What?
Man: Also, it looks like Momo-chan's family is rich.
Mei: Didn't you know?
Mei: Odori-san is a company which has control in over 60 other areas. {Er... Think Microsoft! No wait, Think Sony! Toyota! Siemens! ADV Films! ...scratch the last one...}
Mei: She is a true Ojou-sama.
Man: I didn't know!
Mei: Amamiya-san's airboard.
Mei: Our student's diary's maker,
Mei: Cellphones.
Mei: They all come from Odori-san's family's groups.
Man: I didn't know that!
Man: What else? What else?
Mut: What about Mika?
Mut: What do you plan to do after you graduate?
Mik: America.
Mei: Be more observant!
Man: Amazing...
All: What?
Mik: I want to go to America!
Man: You look cute in that!
Mik: I had it retaken 5 times.
Man: 3 years...
Mik: I will come back at times.
Man: America? That's far.
Man: Which part of America?
Man: Los?
Mik: Oregon.
Man: Oregon is where there are Angolans?
Mik: I think that's Kampuchea.
Man: Don't go overseas.
Mik: I want to see what I can do in an unknown area.
Mik: Starting afresh to find those sparkling lights, the things which brings a cheer.
Man: Amazing!
Man: Really, Mika-chan is amazing!
Mik: Seioh Academy has not changed.
Mik: But, I hope that I will have at least a small change.

Dude: Graduation certifications, commence! {... translation is fun}

Girl: The representative of all the graduating students, stepping down.
Man: Time flies, these three years in school was like the blink of an eye.
Man: To all those who has completed their three years of education and is now standing here.
Man: The feeling of time flying...
Girl: Urehara-senpai! Please pin it on me!
Girl: Me too!
Girl: I want it on ribbon!
Girl: I want it on my skirt!
Mut: Hey, the skirt will be rather strange...

Girl: Let's begin it.
Girl: Hey, no eating!
Man: And now, the reflection of the 82nd Seioh student council will begin!
Man: Then, let's start with Muchi.
Mut: What? Me? But I'm not even a actual member...
Momo: Don't mind, don't mind.
Mei: Come to think of it, Odori-san is not an actual member as well.
Momo: Don't mind, don't mind.
Mut: Erm... Yeah... Erm... Erm...
Man: Next, Momo-chan!
Mut: Oi...
Momo: I don't have anything special to reflect on!
Mei: I swear, at this rate you're going, you'll never have any reflections in this life of yours.
Momo: Merorin Q! {I think it's a dance. I heard it being mentioned before, but does it look like I watch Japanese TV?}
Mei: I...
Mei: Firstly, when we are passing on stuff to the next batch, it is not by actions, but leaving data... {sjdflksjdjaslkdjlks}
Mut: Hey!
Man: Next, me!
Man: My reflection is that I gave everyone a lot of troubles.
Man: I'm sorry.
Man: With my motto being "Masugu Go!", I moved forward alone...
Man: And hence, I got into a lot of trouble.
Mut: Well, it's fine.
Mei: It was fun.
Man: That's why, although I'm reflecting on it, but I will not regret.
Man: The 82nd Seioh Student Council will come to an end!
Man: But, even then, you'll need to...
Man: Masugu... Go!
Man: Now, finally, it's your turn, Mika-chan.
Mei: You must decide at your own discretion.
Mik: P-Pressure...
Mik: My reflection is that I can never have achieved any of this alone!
Mik: Although I was the longest in the student council,
Mik: But, I have to always be led by everyone, and follow behind.
Mik: So...
Mik: So...
Mik: How strange. I don't want to... Cry...
Mik: How strange...
Mik: Always...
Mik: Always, everyone has been leading me,
Mik: And then, I'll follow.
Mik: That is why, I want to go to America.
Mik: I want to find the sparkling lights, the things which brings a cheer all by myself.
Mik: But, I don't want it! I don't want it to end here!
Mik: I don't want to end it here!
Mik: I want to stay in school for a while more!
Mik: I want to be with everyone a while more!
Mut: Mika...
Mik: I...
Mik: I... Don't think I'll go to America...
Man: Mika-chan!
Mik: Manabi-chan.
Mik: Always together.
Man: You have to go. You must go.
Man: No matter where it is, no matter how far, we're always together.
Man: All of us, always.
Mik: Everyone...
Man: It is not the end.
Man: It is not the end.
Man: It is just the beginning.
Man: So, go!
Mik: "We are always together".
Mik: It's easy to say that.
Mik: But, it is still scary.
Mik: But, I will believe in it.
Mik: "We are always together".
Mik: Once I think of the things that has happened so far, I will be able to believe.
Mik: So, wait for me.
Mik: Bye bye!
Mik: I will find those sparkling lights, the things which brings a cheer, and return!

Mut: That's why I said it was faster if we had taken a train!
Mei: Shut up!
Momo: 15 minutes more till we reach the airport.
Man: We won't make it!
Mut: This is all because Mei said that she wants to drive.
Mei: Didn't you say that this will be more relaxing?!
Mut: Also, how did you get this driver's license just when we need it!
Mei: You're asking for it!
Momo: It stalled again.

[15;34]screen: Now boarding.

Mik: I'm going, everyone.

Momo: Mika-chin!
Mei: Inamori-san!
Mut: Mika!
Manabi: Mika-chan!!

Mik: Everyone...

Mik: Yes, this is not an end.
Mik: It is a beginning.
Mik: This... Everything.
Mik: This is the start of our legend!

{Comes final cool song. Anyone got the tabs for it? XD}

[20;49]screen: Summer.

Mei: Ready?
Man: Ready anytime!
Mik: But, is it really alright?
Man: Don't worry, don't worry. It'll disappear after one night.
Man: This spray is Momo-chan's invention.
Mut: Let's go.
Man: Masugu...
All: GO!!


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