11 March 2007

Sumomo Episode 21 Translation.

I just watched Sumomo 21, and I must say this is the BEST EPISODE in a long long time.

Spoilers for whatever happened in 18-20:

Inuzuka gets poisoned. Momoko joins in the fun. Both needs to be cured before sunset, or they die.

BTW, episode 20 was a pretty nice watch, seeing how Inuzuka needs to learn some nutty martial arts. (FOCUS THE POWERS TO YOUR EYES!)

And here's some screen caps.


Here we go. As usual, script is free for use. No credits required.

Momo: We'll just need another 2 bottles, and we can create that cure.
Iro: If we don't do it before sundown...
Tenten: The fight for the cure!
Ten: Koganei siblings against Inuzuka joint team!
Ten: Who will be stronger, in this second contest!
Ten: Who would Inuzuka joint team send?
Inu: Our next opponent is her?
Iro: I'll go.
Momo: Iroha-dono.
Iro: I will win this.
Iro: For Senpais.
Iro: And, for the pride of my tribe.
Iro: 10 years ago.
Iro: She appeared in the times of my happiness.
Iro: That, demon.
Ten: Nice to meet you, Iroha-chan.
Iro: Yes, Tenten Onee-chan.
Iro: Initially, she's like a good sister to me, coming from the Koganei tribe to play with me everyday.
Iro: Initially, that's what I thought.
Iro: But...
Iro: While she was smiling all these 8 years...
Iro: Our tribe secrets, poisons,
Iro: Even our people...
Iro: When I realised that the smile is that of a demon, I've already lost everything.
Iro: The one who brought down Minamoto.
Inu: That happened?
Han: Also, the one who burn Koshi's family were Tenten-san's subjects!
Inu: What?
Iro: The enemy of our tribe, and the enemy who has harmed senpai...
Iro: Koganei Tenten!
Iro: I'll take you bitch down!
Ten: I've been waiting for that!
Ten: This is great.
Ten: My heart is really anxious for it.
Ten: Assassinating Inuzuka Koshi? The twelve heavenly tribes? Koganei tribe's success? {...}
Ten: I don't mind about those!
Ten: What I am most interested in is...
Ten: Mi-ya-mo-to. I-ro-ha-chan!
Ten: It's you!

[3;40]screen: One's independant thoughts.

Ten: And now, we shall begin the second competition, Koganei Tenten against Miyamoto Iroha!
Ten: The rule is a rule-less deathmatch.
Ten: All weapons can be used!
Both: Weapons?
Ten: My weapon is... This!
Ten: I'll use my subjects as weapons. Iroha-chan should bring Hanzo-chan along as well.
Ten: The two female leaders of the tiger and snake tribe in an all-out battle.
Ten: It's exciting right?
Inu: That's unfair! You have a numbers advantage!
Iro: All these people were former members of the Miyamoto clan.
Iro: And to be brainwashed into becoming the claws of the tigers, this is saddening.
Iro: I'll free all of you now!
Iro: Let's go, Hanzo!
Han: Yes, Nee-san!
Iro: One isn't strong if one relys on numbers alone.
Iro: The belief that has forged the both of us together,
Iro: Let's see if it can defeat them!
Iro: Koganei Tenten!
Momo: Explosives.
Iro: Naive!
Inu: W-Where are they?
Momo: They're surrounded!
Ten: Idiots!
Inu: This is bad.
Ten: Now, what will you do, Iroha-chan?
Ten: Why? Why is she still so calm in such a circumstance? {Mmm}
Iro: That is because I have a strong support behind me.
Iro: Miyamoto clan has been routed.
Iro: When there are tribes who wish to use this opportunity to wipe us out,
Iro: We've been surrounded so many times, just like now.
Iro: Even then, I'l still able to live today.
Iro: Always... You've always been at my side.
Iro: Hanzo.
Iro: During the days when I became alone, you were the only one who did not leave my side.
Iro: You, who has never looked down on me.
Iro: You, who have always believed in me, walked alongside me.
Iro: I wish to repay you.
Iro: Repay you.
Iro: Everytime I think of that, my body will have sudden bursts of power!
Iro: I can become stronger!
Iro: As long as you are behind me, I won't bow down to anyone! {This doesn't sound right. Really...}
Iro: Let's go!
Iro: Snake mirage hidden technique! {Mirage ahsdasfjskdjd}
Iro: Combine powers! {>_>}
Both: Double bladed slash! The full crescent of the demon snake!
Inu: They did it!
Momo: There is a real sense of trust between them!
Iro: There are still people who wish to stand?
Han: Don't worry. I'll not let them lay a finger on Nee-san.
Iro: Heh, idiot. That was my line.
Ten: I see...
Ten: How disappointing. Such a thing is happening in the middle of a true battle.
Iro: You bitch! What do you mean?
Ten: I'm saying...
Ten: Stop being all cozy!
Ten: Aren't you embarssed? You're having a love relationship with your subject!
Iro: You should be the one embarassed,
Iro: You idiot!
Iro: Do not humiliate the trust held between the people of my clan!
Iro: By undergoing the "cup ritual", we're now like family members with a blood relationship!
Iro: My relationship with Hanzo is like "Father and Son", or "Big Sis and Small Bro"!
Iro: Those humilating incest...
Iro: We will never have any love interest between us!
Ten: Is that so?
Iro: Yes!
Iro: Right, Hanzo?
Han: You're right, Nee-san.
Han: I'm Nee-san's subject.
Han: I cannot go any closer.
Han: I understand that, but...
Han: To hear those words from you, my tears cannot stop flowing!
Ten: So, that's how it is.
Momo: What's wrong?
Inu: What's wrong?
Momo: Hanzo-dono's battle aura has suddenly weakened.

Ten: Alright! Stop stop!
Ten: Although we're in the middle of a fight, but I wish to correct my joke I said just now!
Iro: Joke?
Ten: I, actually knew it.
Ten: Iroha-chan and Hanzo-chan aren't lovers.
Iro: Didn't I say that?
Iro: Iroha-chan... Her heart belongs to someone else...
Iro: You bitch! What do you intend to say?
Ten: Can I say it? I'll say it then!
Ten: Iroha-chan loves....
Ten: Iroha-chan
Ten: Truly loves...
Ten: You!
Ten: Inuzuka Koshi-chan!
Inu: What?
Momo: Iroha-dono...
Iro: NO NO NO!
Han: Nee-san! Calm down!
Ten: My my, your combination is now messed up.
Ten: Just as I've predicted.
Ten: At that time, I did it on impulse.
Ten: Koshi-chan! What do you think of Iroha-chan?
Ten: Compared to your wife, who do you prefer?
Ten: Wifey!
Ten: The junior you've placed so much trust in is actually secretly loving your husband!
Ten: Please tell us about your feelings!
Iro: Momoko... Senpai...
Iro: I love, Senpai.
Iro: Both of them. I love them.
Iro: Although I love them,
Iro: But, the three of us can never be the same again, playing, talking, laughing, together.
Iro: You bitch.
Iro: You bitch!
Iro: Mika Tsuki slash!
Ten: She's blinded by anger. {Yoda ftw}
Ten: Although I just merely looked at the secret manual for a bit...
Ten: Let me teach you what the Mika Tsuki slash is.
Ten: This is how you use it.
Iro: No way...

TL'snote: I think this move should be called "Getsuga Tenshou"... >_> Really. For those who didn't get the reference, watch bleach more. ;)

Inu: She's... Strong!

Ten: Hey, don't sleep. {/die}
Ten: I've yet to have my fun.
Ten: This really brings back memories.
Ten: In the past, we used to sit together and chat.
Ten: Hey, Iroha-chan. Which part of Koshi-chan do you like?
Ten: His face? Or is it his character?
Ten: It must be Koshi-chan's warm and gentle brotherly type!
Ten: Because Iroha-chan likes being pampered. {Something along those lines}
Ten: Right now, those uncles who used to pamper you are not here any more.
Ten: In those lonely hard times, to be able to receive the care of a gentle and warm Onii-chan...
Ten: You fell into the river of love.
Ten: Am I right? You couldn't help yourself, right?
Ten: It's natural that you fall in love with him.
Iro: Onii-chan.
Ten: Hey, Iroha-chan.
Ten: What do you want Koshi-chan to do to you?
Ten: A date?
Ten: Holding hands,
Ten: Being loved...
Ten: Or do you want him to kiss you?
Ten: So that's what it is! You wish to do it with him!
Iro: N-No!
Ten: Stop lying...
Ten: You want to do H with him, right? {I presume everyone knows what H is}
Ten: Right, right? Iroha-chan?
Iro: No no!
Iro: Stop it....
Han: Stop it!!
Han: Let go of Nee-san!
Ten: What?
Han: I said, let go of Nee-san!
han: You bitch!
Ten: "You bitch"?
Ten: Your attitute has taken a turn for the worse, Hanzo-chan.
Han: Tenten-san.
han: Let go of Nee-san.
Han: Stop it!
Ten: I really don't understand. Why do you give it your all for this child?
Ten: The person whom this child loves is Koshi-chan.
Han: I don't care who she loves, or who she hates.
Han: I makes no difference to me!
Han: Can't you understand my feelings?
Ten: I don't understand. Absolutely.
Han: I don't understand as well.
Han: Tenten-san. Why do you hate Nee-san that much?
Ten: Why?
Han: It's strange! When I first met you, you're a different person altogether!
Ten: The first time...
Ten: At that time, I was staying at Iroha-chan's house.
Ten: When I saw you wearing those normal clothes, I thought you were just a guest who had lost his directions.
Ten: The members decreased a lot, but it was because I stole them all.
Ten: As long as I kept that smile, no one would realise my true face.
Ten: Nor will they want to investigate.
Ten: I was so pissed at that time.
Han: Erm...
Han: Are you angry?
Dude: What? You moron, what foolish words did you say to Tenten-san?
Han: S-Sorry.
Ten: You guys are the idiots.
Ten: You are a good kid, Hanzo-chan.
Ten: But, I never thought that you would become Iroha-chan's subject.
Ten: I never thought of that at all.
Iro: From today onwards, you, my subject, Hanzo, will receive free food and lodging here!
Iro: Say "Onee-chan"!
Han: Yes, Nee-chan!
Han: What did you just say? This has nothing to do with what I asked?
Han: I asked, why do you hate Nee-san...
Han: Damn!
Ten: Hanzo, you're one real idiot.
Ten: These kids gave up on their clan and became my loyal subjects.
Ten: Yet, you rejected!
Ten: We have the cash here! You're really an idiot.
Ten: If you had became my subject,
Ten: You could play with me every day, with plenty of luxory goods and enjoying happiness!
Ten: Just like these kids!
Han: Is that so?
Han: Using drugs to control your subjects...
Han: I won't do that.
Han: Also,
Han: Even if I am to die, I've no intention to betray the one I've chased after!
Ten: Then, die.
Ten: Snatching away,
Ten: Snatching away,
Ten: Snatching away.
Ten: This is all because all of you have always dazzled me with what I do not have!
Han: Nee-san!
Iro: Let us decide this, Koganei Tenten!
Ten: It's useless! I have my shields! You can't attack me!
Iro: You bunch of spineless cowards! Do you consider yourselves martial artists? {Or something along those lines}
Iro: Move aside!
Inu: Amazing!
Momo: Iroha-dono is a genius in leadership. She is a truly amazing martial artist!
Iro: By carrying the clan's fate, I'll gamble it with all my strength.
Ten: I know that style too.
Ten: Do you need me to demostrate it for you again?
Ten: Koganei's modified version.
Momo: But,
Momo: The enemy is still stronger...
Iro: Twin attack! Demonic snake strike!

Iro: I'm weaker than my opponent!
Iro: I'm sorry, my clan members!
Iro: Momoko-senpai...
Momo: This is enough. We've lost this fight.
Inu: Erm... Right now...
Momo: Koshi-dono.
Momo: Please allow us women to have some private time.
Ten: I'm scared...
Ten: But, I'm looking forward to it!
Ten: There's no other toy which is more interesting than messing around with another's love!
Momo: You're a woman, just like I am.
Momo: I'll never forgive you!
Ten: Ah, don't get angry! You're actually angry at Iroha-chan, right?
Ten: You must hate her for hiding the fact that she loved him. You can't forgive her if she had stolen him!
Ten: You're just like an idiot.
Ten: It's just a problem of liking and hating!
Ten: Because one can get hurt emotionally, this is why it is interesting to make fun of girls!
Momo: Do not look down on a woman's heart!!
Momo: Interesing to make fun of others?! How is that possible?!
Momo: If you can understand the pain of love, you should have felt the same feelings in the past as well!
Momo: Because you're also a woman!
Momo: Too bad for this competiton.
Momo: Are you wounds alright?
Momo: I'm sorry.
Momo: Did I hurt Iroha-dono due to my childish actions?
Iro: This is not Momoko-senpai's fault!
Iro: The both of you are husband and wife. I should be the one apologising!
Momo: Don't worry! We're not husband and wife at all!
Momo: Koshi-dono has never said "I love you", nor had he ever called me his "wife".
Momo: It was just my own thinkings!
Momo: It is nothing wrong with what you did!
Inu: She...
Inu: Although she's always smiling, but is that what she has been always thinking?
Momo: Iroha-dono. Do not show any mercy during the fights!
Iro: Fight?
Momo: Yup! It is the fight to obtain a guy's love.
Momo: It is a battle where we put our lives on the line. {Note: This "life" would mean future in this sense}
Iro: A love... Battle?
Momo: That's right! If you show any mercy, you'll lose that life.
momo: Who would get Koshi-dono's love?
Momo: After this fight is over, let's compete for it!
Iro: Yes, Momoko-senpai!
Ten: I couldn't do that...
Ten: If it was just a mere joke, I can say that. The same goes for my lies.
Ten: But, if it is the true words of my heart...
Ten: Because, at that time,
Ten: I was a little happen when you were able to see my true self.
Han: Tenten-san.
Han: Tenka-kun!
tenka: Where's Momoko and Inuzuka?
Iru: They're gone.
Iru: To end this.
Momo: We finally come to the last battle.
Inu: Yeah. You're right.
Inu: If we don't drink the cure before the sun sets...
momo: Don't worry!
Momo: We'll make it!
Momo: For the wishes of the peoeple we love.
Momo: Confusion.
Momo: Vexing.
Momo: Hard work.
Momo: Their smiles.
Momo: We will be able to return to the life we had!
Momo: Returning to that life...
Momo: We will!

Momo: Alright! The next Sumomomomomomomo...
Momo: Returning to those days!
Ten: I'm serious!
Han: In the end, you didn't say it!
Ten: What?
han: Koganei-san. I...
Momo: Koshi-dono!


There we go. Best ep (not evar, ep4 takes the cream) in a long time. And the storyline, while predictable, is going nicely.


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