30 March 2007

Code Geass Episode 23 End(?)


I just woke up. Mmm.

Anyway, it's the END because they say that episodes 24 and 25 will be aired in summer, which can be at least 2-3 months away, and at worst, 5 months away (Think of the September/October movie rush).

Many thanks to the crew who actually bothered to work on this project. \404, cz and SpiegelEiXXL.

4 man teams ftw!

And special thanks to marsd too. This could not have happened without your help. :D

So, what now, for us?

I don't know. Ayako will still probably go on, but I have officially decided to move on from Fansubbing. I simply do not have the time any more. (AND I AM SERIOUS THIS TIME, CZ. STOP MSNING ME TO TRANSLATE SOME UNKNOWN PROJECT)

But, looking back, this has been one heck of a long journey, even though it was a little over for a year where I've met almost every kind of people in the fansubbing world.

So, why do people Fansub?

For one, I found that some people just LOVE to have their name splattered all over the screen at the credits. They tell people where credits are when it isn't placed on the front page, and just make sure the world knows that THEY are on it. These are the people I realised that abuse their operator status quite a fair bit.

Then, there are some people who love a show and want to work on it. These are the people whom I've really enjoyed working with. They just want to watch it, release the episode so everyone of us can also enjoy it. Sometimes, these people are also the ones that take things a lot less seriously.

A real joy to work with.


I just like having fun. I've worked on shows which I simply hate translating, but I've always taken joy in translating work. It is thanks to this translation work that I've picked up a lot more japanese than I think I would have unless I move to Japan (maybe not, even then. ;o). The songs, some of their weird ways of speaking, they are all a great place to learn Japanese (Assuming you already have one heck of a foundation to build on... Anime should NOT be your starting point to learn Japanese ;)).

I actually still have one (or two, or three) more projects, but they are all one off OVAs, which is a lot less stressful when compared to a series. I'll have a look what happens then. Whehehe.

What's to happen with SR3 and Geass 24 and 25?

Well, SR3 isn't going to come out this year, at the way it is looking. I'm actually looking at probably Spring 2008 (This time next year), and Geass is still unconfirmed. A lot can happen between now and Spring 2008/Summer 2007, like me walking in front of a truck, me picking up a girl (*GASP*), etc etc.

Nothing is certain. I cannot promise that I'll work on SR3, nor can I promise that I won't. If things go according to plan, this time next year will be a lot more chaotic than what I have now. (And if that's they go according to plan ;))

Ah well. Come what may.

What will I do to this blog?

Frankly, I've no idea. Maybe I'll post some random scripts. Maybe I'll change this to some anti-government blog. Maybe I'll turn this into some 12 year old girl's blog where I talk about how I walk to school everyday.

Or maybe I'll end up picking up on some obscure project that some team is slow on? ;o

Are my vulturing days over?

Who knows? XD

Signing off, once again,



Blogger Lou said...

Props to Nightfalcon and the rest of the team for subbing this. I'm waiting for SR3 also. Wether you decide to fansub it or not, it is totally up to you just want to say hanks and good luck to you in the future.
Until next time. ;)

9:34 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

-sniffle sniffle- first kiba is over and now your done subbing. Im so emotional I think im gonna cry! Waaaaaa!!! ;'(

But seriously thanks for all your hard work and Im looking forward to the teams future releases. Show us some good anime! Arigato.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

Props to Nightfalcon and the rest who fansubbed this gj. I'm patiently awaiting SR3 as well. Good luck to you in the future Nightfalcon. Until next time. Peace!;)

9:36 PM  
Blogger Dale Ryan said...

I guess it isn't the end since the last two episodes will be aired during the month of April. so it's just the month where summer starts but not for the end of codes geass and it will aired soon but not for long like waiting for 2-3months...

1:13 AM  
Blogger JimFreedan said...

I appreciate the subbing guys, but your torrent is broken.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Hyzengo said...

you do know that theirs gonig to be like 4 seasons of code geass and in the 3 season a new gundam sereis. So code geass has a long way before finishing

2:01 PM  
Blogger test127 said...

Is anyone else having trouble downloading from this torrent? It got to about 3% last night and hasn't worked for me since then.

3:51 PM  
Blogger AKH said...

I smell a bad april fool joke... ^^;;
Or at least I hope it is... too bad the dates arn't correctly...

Aww... well... just have to wait until summer then...

Thanks for your hard work this far hope you give us even greater releases in the future! ^^

4:09 PM  
Blogger NightFalcon said...

The torrent SHOULD be fine. Try switching trackers.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Sunleader said...

Hmm i Downloaded the Episode already the Torrent should be OK unless they switchet it after i Downloaded the Episode

well so much to that

Thanks to Your Mom for helping out from GGs TerrorMonopoly ^^

if u really Quit here i will watch Shinsens CG Releases from now on

enjoy ur Free time u Seriosly earned it ;)

10:40 PM  

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