07 August 2006

With our family growing bigger....

I believe it's time for another round of introductions.

While we are all commies in this team, we do believe in Mao's "Some are more equal than others" law. So with that, us founders will be introduced first. HARHARHAR.


This team was created on a stormy night, with the cold winds blowing across our backs, chilling our bones down to the very atom. On MSN.

Me and CarrierZ were celebrating the release of an episode with our usual beers and chips. Suddenly, he said "OMFG, LET'S DO OTOME. LOLOL"

Since I was in love with Mai Nakahara, who plays Mai in HiME and Otome, and alcohol influencing my decision, I agreed.

Initially, this team was supposed to be called "Otometards", another one of brillent name from CarrierZ.

"That is retarded -_-" was my reply.

We were supposed to do episode 24 first, but because CarrierZ fucked up, I have yet another script on my hands to sell on Ebay.

And so, our first release was episode 25. On that day, I had completed translations of 3 other projects, and the twin otome episodes were the last of my list on a rather long day. So, as the clock read midnight, my parents asleep, my cat enjoying its food, I began my work on Mai Otome 25/26.

It was 4am before I finally completed the two episodes. Tired, I just flung them at CarrierZ, and went to bed.

The next day, I saw our release.


And so, our team was born. \o/

It wasn't supposed to "exist" after Otome 26, but because of a certain conflicts with another team both of us are in, we decided to continue with this team, and start from scratch, subbing Soul Link and School Rumble Term 2.

And then, it began, the magical journey which brought us to disneyland and where we are today.

Just a bunch of idiots fansubbing what we want.


CarrierZ, the monk - Retired timer/translator/typesetter/encoder. Currently giving the team spirtual advice on projects.

He is still one of the fastest timers I've seen, but thanks to WoW, he has decided that god was calling for him, and hence, he sold everything he had to start a life as a monk in Italy. Appartently, all monks do everyday is to eat, sleep, shit, and play WoW. He comes onto the channel at times to bless our releases or to smite us (usually me) when we messed up. Before we start on a new project, he must approve it (we assume he does if he isn't around), and then bless it with holy water. Our releases must be only done on a lucky day, or else, "bad things will happen".

Or something.

NightFalcon, the bird - Translator/timer/typesetter.

I'm not the best TLer out there, but hey, I make the grade (although many would disagree. Here's my reply: "_|_"). I time and typeset when I'm free, and all the karas of this team are created by me. With CarrierZ gone, I am supposed to be the leader of this team, but no one really respects my position anyway.


Team members

Chysil, the married man - Editor/Translation checker.

The first "female" of the team, as well as our first recruit. Why the word "female" is in inverted commas will be left to your imagination. However, in July this year, s/he ran away from us to get married to his long time female partner. This meant many broken hearts on our team, because Chysil was a rather sweet female who likes being humped for no reason. However, he does show that fansubbers are not overweight 30 year old japanese men who are living in their parents' basements playing WoW everyday.

ALok, the seriously playful lolicon - Encoder/Raw provider/Typesetter/head distro

ALok is probably the most serious person in our team, but actually, beneath that layers of iron, you can find that he is quite a nice person to be with. Just dangle loli in front of him with a stick, and he's all yours. He took over the encoding from CarrierZ who were encoding episodes, in his own words, "looked like censored hentai". He randomly does typesetting in School Rumble, but 9 times out of 10, it's just our lazy \an8. He also heads the distro staff as he distrobutes things after they are encoded via BT and DDL. The rest of the distro-staff will just have to find ways to get things.

However, there is a crime which ALok committed, which was to steal the IRC channel. You would think that I would have control, but thanks to CarrierZ fucking up (again), ALok has it. Meeh.

Who cares.

Gott, our beer drinking distro - Distro

Gott is our first distro, and so, he's the one who really helped us out when we were still green. While he has a love for beers, he's never drunk, no matter how much he drinks, a feat which we are still trying to achieve, while failing miserably at the process.

Seish, the hentai king that don't give a fucc - Timer

Seish joined the group when his hentai bot, HCG, was sending loads of hentai to CarrierZ. He officially became a member when CarrierZ started slacking off and left the slack to Seish. If he isn't timing or working, he would be jacking off to that 50gb of hentai/porn he has on his hard drive. You would think that 50gb would benefit your computer greatly....

ArcticWolf, yet another lolicon encoder - Encoder/Distro

ArcticWolf started hellping out our team when a rival team kicked him out, and when we were in bad need of distro. His Epylon bot was very useful for a while, until it died. However, it seems to be coming back soon, and we hope that ArcticWolf would still remember our team. Like all encoders, he has an intense fascination with young, animated girls with big eyes commonly found in anime, even taking up a university course to discover why he is acting so. However, despite his best efforts, he has yet to discover the reason for his fascination with young animated girls, commonly known as "loli".

seraphangel, the silent angel - Distro

He never speaks in the channel, but his bot is there. The moment you see him speak, buy lottery.

gaba, hentai passes guru - Site design/hentai provider

Gaba joined the team by creating the banner you see at the top. However, because his server died or something, he replaced it with a new one and placed it on a more stable server (imageshack). Sometimes, he provides cracked keys to sites which offer porn, an offer snapped up by staff and leeches alike. To date, Seish has benefitted from him with over 14gb of porn, and even I myself have obtained 500mb.

ruinevil, ALok's best friend - Distro

With everyone trying to figure out wtf ALok has on his site, and all their futile attempts to use download managers to resume/download the releases, one man managed to crack it.

ruinevil. Not Ruinevil, as I've discovered.

Since then, the both of them hit off like soul mates reunited after 5 long lost generations. base32,64,128, whatever. Things which would cause a normal person like me to incur a brain explosion. With his abilities, he has helped us with our releases via DDL.

\404, the Godzilla fan - Distro

With a bot named godzilla, \404 will ensure that King Kong will not destroy the city of Japan. No idea why, but he does provide additional distrobution help via DDL.

And yes, godzilla > ALokbot.

Robocrop, Robot with crap - Editor

He's our first of the many who tries to join our depleted staff department. Unfortunately for him, he did mess up quite a bit during his first few assignments, leading to him being affectionally called "robocrap". However, with time, I'm sure he will be able to perform better.

Shak, your friendly neighbourhood noob editor - Editor

As Robocrop needs to go to bed by 10pm every night, we decided to look for a second editor who can help us out in times of need. Shak presented the answer after I personally interviewed the people, many who thinks they can edit with a grade 6 English skills. Shak passed my otherwise ridiculous test, and did perform reasonably well in his first 3 projects. On IRC, he's probably friendly, but most of the times, he's probably ALok's best friend, as they never join us in our wild gay orgies or our random flaming of teams and people. However, with time, he'll change. That, I promise you.

Leha, the team's mascot and caretaker - Distro/Editor

Seish's answer to my 1. e4 e5, 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3, was Leha. Perhaps one of the most experienced person in the team, she provides our team with much needed distrobution abilities. After tormenting her with yet another ridiculous test set by me, she was accepted into the team after she passed with flying colours. At the age of X, she's the oldest in the team, but usually, she acts like a 14 year old sex deprived girl who first discovered poronography after she found some porn magazines underneath her younger brother's bed. Dildos, strap-ons, vibrators. You name it, she has it. And she's not shy to wield them for her own twisted sadistic pleasure. If you thought that men are the dominating ones, think again. She'll make you run home crying for Your-Mom.

That's it for now. I hope I didn't miss anyone, but hey, that's what edit is for.


Blogger Kauldron26 said...

you guys are awesome. fuck the haters. The best thing about u guys is that you do it for fun and for the fans. i want to donate solely because u guys just rule and dont give a rats ass about all these uptight idiots. I hope u continue to sub what u want to sub, dont let all these flamers get to u. Now if only u will pick up ergo proxy from ep 15.


3:05 PM  
Blogger Dante3k said...

The Perfect Team!

5:07 PM  
Blogger Dante3k said...

The perfect Team!

5:07 PM  

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