27 June 2006


Now it would be great if I was told what they wanted, but they don't seem to know what they want but they want it...
So now if they would give me something then i would do it... but they don't know...

NF: What we just want is to see SL12 the way it is, instead of you all going lazy and encoding with the wrong opening.

FFS, I spent 6 hours on that crap, plus begging a few people to work on the effects and checking the kanji/romanji/translation. For once, I just wanted a decent full Soul Link release. Is that too much to ask for?

Edit.. Seish: Erm.. I know how that shit feels. In some cases not caring about something is logical, like crying because something isn't "good enough". But when you're responsible for fucking up someone's work and not giving a shit, that's a whole different story.

I really haven't said much to anyone about this, just spoke to NF about it... (I hate whining) But what ALok is doing to NF is retarded. If anyone is an encoder and wants to encode our works correctly, feel free to pm me on irc, I go by the names Seish or Primula.

I will agree on NF on this one. We don't take subbing seriously, but if we work on something, it should at least be used. If our work isn't used that completely takes the fun out of it.

I'm abandoning the group until there's v3 of soul link. Or we just simply need to re-name ourselves and find a new encoder.. Either or it doesn't matter. I believe NF made the decision, and I agree on it, there will be no SR until SL 12 v3, the right way. So if you want SR, herass ALok to encode properly, or find us a new encoder.


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