26 June 2006

Too many files.../ Soul Link 12 [END]

NightFalcon has got to lay off on the changes... :(
So I missed half the script...
Thats what you get for bothering me with AFX...
(trying to fix the unbroken)


NF's edit: Fine fine. It's just 1 miserable episode. :P At least we finally have KARA and an actual song translations. Ugh.

Special thanks for this episode goes out to vg, vg's friend, and Shizuku. Without them, episode 12 won't take this long to come out, nor will there be a v2.

Oh wait, that actually sounded bad. XD

But yes, this is the last episode of Soul link. Enjoy it. Trust me, for a rather average series (this started off horribly slow, don't you think?), it ended fairly well.

Have fun!


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