09 June 2006

It's a trap!

Edit: (Insert that Ackbar "It's a trap ASCII here".) Bah. Stupid blogspot.


THERE IS NO SCHOOL RUMBLE 10 THIS WEEK. We've said it on this site, on IRC, and at the end of School Rumble 9.

But since we get bored when there's no School Rumble, we decided to just put some clips together, to once again, thank the services offered by our fallen Comrade, CarrierZ. (He's still on IRC sometimes though. I didn't know that monks know how to use the net. :o. Must change my mindset.)

However, for those who actually care, here it is.


In it, it contains a tribute, some Blood+, a half-assed TL of the 2nd part of Air Gear 9 (The only one worth watching these past 2 episodes. >_>), and some ding ding dong MTV with half-assed karaoke effects (still pretty neat for such a simple one. LoL). I spent a total of roughly 8 hours putting that together, while ALok supplied the RAWs and the final video.

Was fun.

Speaking of CarrierZ, KNKF is officially my favourite team now. Kaze, founder and leader of KNKF MSNed me to say sorry for our loss (sounds like CarrierZ moved on. XD). However, I'm very impressed with KNKF's leader, since we happen to work on the same project (Soul Link). This is the kind of attitute fansub groups should be showing to each other, and not team X trying to DOS team Y's tracker. We should be doing this for fans, and not for the sake of attention, or to be cool, or something of that crap.

Too bad not every team gets that. Bah.

Go KNKF! You guys rock!


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