01 June 2006

Farewell, CarrierZ

Well, it seems like CarrierZ has decided to pursue an actual life and, in his words, "not a virtual life" by becoming a monk in Italy.

Ok, not really a monk (a nun?), but the fact is, this team's founder has decided to leave the team, and fansubbing altogether.

As we know, CarrierZ is one of our founders (I'm the other. Chysil was forced into this. Think Mikuru from Haruhi. :D), and I must say I am deeply saddened to see him leave this fansubbing scene.

As I scrolled through the MSN logs, I can't help it but feel drops of tears gently falling from my eyes.

It all started with: "How did you get my MSN? :-O", a phrase which I sent to CarrierZ. It was on MSN, that both of us got drunk, and gave birth to what this fansub team is today. I still remember that night, 4am, I'm unable to sleep because I can't wait for Otome 26 to come out. It is a night I won't forget (that bastard to me told sleep. :o). On top of that, there were so many times which we screwed around before we finally decided to do both Soul Link and School Rumble (we actually planned to do Air Gear and School Rumble. But blame Chysil XD).

Ah, all the fun times.

Not a second which I regret, despite him having my Otome 24 (yes, we wanted to begin from 24, but his aegis got screwed) and countless scripts hostage (Too many to count. Rofl), I still enjoyed myself. Although the joint for Kamichu never took off from FlameHaze (More scripts to sell), it was that moment of luck when I decided to TL REC (I wanted to TL Rec for a long time. Could not find a team. =( ), that we decided to screw around a little too much in #anime-united.

All the times which you insulted my TLing.

All the times which I said you were lazy.

I'll never forget them.

Farewell, CarrierZ.



Blogger Chysil said...

All my pictures must have drove him off...

I still hold to the fact that he is a GAYsha and a pathetic low life animal


8:58 PM  

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