16 April 2008

D.Gray-Man Dropped

Reason for dropping? Seriously I've never been so hesitant in dropping a project. I had a hard time thinking about it before coming to such a decision. Thanks for all the support I've received so far. But my school just started and I'm really busy with my therapy course and my timetable isn't kind to me either. D.Gray-Man dropped, Spi looking for TLs for branching out TL.


Blogger Talus said...

Yeah, no sense wasting your talent with yuuri doing speed subs at decent quality. Thanks for all your hard work though. ^.^

6:35 PM  
Blogger mhd said...

oh well, u gotta study well :D But to all of D.Gray-Man fans that r sad to know that it's dropped, there r Black-Order and Shinsen-subs who sub d.gray man as well

thanks for all of the previous subbed episodes, Your-mom staff

8:19 AM  
Blogger Dgm FTw said...

Well yuurisan has stopped uploading d.gray-man and so has shinsensub i think so plzz continue to upload d.gray-man plzzz i beg you

11:34 AM  

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