01 October 2006

What happened after Strawberry Panic Episode 26

Author's note: Delicate to the love of my (irc) life, Amethyst

“Okaeri nasai, Nagisa-chan”, Tamao-chan whispered to her Etoile partner, her back leaning weakly against the door, the day’s events flashing before her eyes.

“How did this happen?” Tamao asked herself sadly. Aoi Nagisa was destined to be hers from the very moment she sat on that stool, waiting for her roommate to wake up.

The very moment Tamao laid her eyes on Aoi’s beautifully slim body, Tamao knew that they are made to be together.

Why else would she be made to wait 4 years for a room mate, only for one to appear now?

The gods have decided that they are to be together.




Tamao wanted to scream right then. Everything, EVERYTHING, was destroyed because of Shizuma, the Etoile of the three schools.

And of course, a much more wonderful candidate to Aoi’s love than the likes of a commoner like Tamao.

Tamao thought she had a chance when the relationship between the two of them was rather rocky after the mansion incident.

“Nagisa!” Shizuma shouted once more.

“But… but…” Aoi muttered to herself in confusion, each and every word sending an arrow through Tamao’s heart.

It was then Tamao knew she lost.

Aoi’s heart was captured by Shizuma before she even came to Astreal.

Aoi’s heart was never to be with Tamao’s to begin with.

“Have a good trip”


Tamao whispered, the signal of defeat louder than which any war horn could produce.

The moisture on her cheeks brought Tamao back to the present, as her memories faded into a haze.

The present.

Her, in a dark room, her back against the wall. On the otherside, her best friend. Her love.

Aoi Nagisa.

So near.

Yet so far.


The door knob slowly turned, as if this was some horror show with the monster slowly making its way into the trapped child’s room.

Tamao looked away, unable to look at a love which slipped from her grasp, but never hers in the first place.


A sweet voice, as ever, floated into the room, as sweet as honey.

“I’m sorry, Tamao-chan.” it whispered.

“No… don’t…” Tamao whispered, as her stream of tears started to flow, breaking through the wall of emotions which held them back since the moment Tamao gave Nagisa the push.

Suddenly, Tamao felt a pair of arms enclosing, hugging her. Tamao felt warmth from them which her body yearned for, but could never obtain. It was like the first ray of sun after a cold hard winter, melting away the ice which has kept the lands chilled for the past moments.

A warmth, Tamao welcomed dearly, she could drown in it.

“Tamao-chan”, Tamao heard her name being whispered, as her nostrils were filled with a familiar rose scent which she has known since that fateful day.


But, it makes no sense.


“Chi-“ Tamao’s tired brain attempted to make sense of the present.

“Shh” Chikaru whispered, placing a delicate finger on Tamao’s lips to emphasize her point.

Without any strength left over to resist, Tamao gave in, mentally letting go of her body to float in the desperate warmth the pair of arms provided.

With that, any resistance left against the flood of tears vanished.

A drop.

Then two.

Then, a stream.

Turning around, Tamao leaned her weakened body against her pillar of strength. With her body shaking with each sob, Tamao welcomed the comforting touches by Chikaru, who held Tamao in her arms while stroking Tamao’s long blue hair.

It seems like an eternity before her tears stopped. All that time, Chikaru was there holding Tamao, allowing Tamao’s pent up tears to run themselves dry.

Chikaru was the one comforting Tamao.


Not Nagisa.

“Chikaru-sama” Tamao whispered, looking at Chikaru for the first time.

“Thank you”.

Chikaru merely smiled at Tamao.

Looking deep into Chikaru’s eyes, Tamao saw her reflection in those hazel brown eyes.

Those brown, kind eyes.

With the moon shining on Chikaru through the window, Tamao saw Chikaru truly for the first time since she was here.

Oh sure, as Chikaru was the president of the student council of Le Rim, Tamao has seen her many times.

But not tonight.

Tonight, Chikaru was different.

It’s almost as if… Chikaru was glowing.


Is like an angel.

“Chikaru-sama”, Tamao whispered, her head moving by itself towards Chikaru, her eyelids suddenly losing their strength, hoping, PRAYING, that Chikaru will follow up.

The taste of Chikaru’s lips brought yet another wave of happiness to Tamao. It was something she has seeked for, but never got it.

How could she have been so blind?

Her answer was right in front of her all this time.


Chikaru’s tongue teasingly darted around Tamao’s mouth, looking for an entrance where it could discover even greater treasures. Tamao willingly parted her teeth, bringing her own response by sending her tongue to dance with Chikaru’s.

Each contact with the muscle of Chikaru’s sent a new wave through Tamao, as Tamao tried hard not to moan from the pleasures she is feeling.

When Chikaru’s hand playfully slid over Tamao’s breast, it was more than what Tamao could take.

However, just as it happened, Chikaru’s hands were gone. Tamao tried to give a scream of disappointment, but her lips were too busy with Chikaru’s.

Still, it isn’t long before Tamao was sighing from relief, as her dress fell away from her, thanks to Chikaru undoing the buttons on her back. The night air felt wonderful on Tamao’s breast, as her nipples slowly began to harden from the pleasure she was feeling.

Chikaru merely hastened their development by teasing them with her fingers, allowing them to lightly pinch a nipple, before moving towards the other nipple, ensuring that the pleasures are being spread to each breast.

By now, Tamao was lost in her own waves of happiness, as her body ventured into areas she has never experienced before.


While Tamao was still struggling against the waves of ecstasy, Chikaru suddenly pulled back from the kiss. However, before Tamao could even protest, Chikaru roughly pushed Tamao backwards.

“Wha..?” Tamao was too surprised to say anything comprehensible in the human tongue.

However, the softness and familiarity of her bed did nothing but trust Chikaru more than ever.

Tamao is now a mere lamb being led by a wolf.

Looking up, Tamao saw Chikaru staring at her, drinking in the sight of the near-naked Tamao on the bed. While Tamao was embarrassed, she did not look away from Chikaru.

Tamao trusts Chikaru.

Chikaru smiled, almost as though she was impressed by Tamao’s lack of embarrassment. Leaning over, Chikaru gave Tamao a kiss, before slowly sending her lips to one of Tamao’s erect nipple.

Initially, Chikaru teased Tamao by breathing on it, allowing the hot body air to stimulate the nipple even further. Tamao squirmed as her body’s demands reached yet another level.

“Please…” Tamao moaned, unable to control her body’s desires any longer.

Smiling, Chikaru slowly brought her mouth onto Tamao’s nipple, before suckling on it.

Tamao screamed as yet another wave of pleasure crashed through her body, as moisture begins to form in the areas between her breast. Chikaru ignore Tamao, using her hand to roughly massage Tamao’s free breast.

Having never felt such pleasures before, Tamao felt strange when her most private area started to moisten against her will. Almost reading her mind, Chikaru brought her hand was over her panties, the fingers teasingly dancing over them for a second, before straying over to stroke Tamao’s thighs.

While Tamao could wait no longer, she had no choice as she played her part in the foreplay, allowing her body to slowly accept Chikaru’s fingers dancing over it. On it’s 5th pass, when the fingers seemed to be going for yet another round, Chikaru’s fingers suddenly slipped in between Tamao’s cotton panties, stroking Tamao’s most private part directly.

Yet, before Tamao’s mind could register it, the fingers expertly pulled off Tamao’s panties, it’s master helping by arcing her back. Chikaru smiled, showing satisfaction at how fast Tamao is learning.

Slowly, Chikaru’s tongue moved away from Tamao’s breast, moving towards Tamao’s vagina, leaving a slick trail in their path. However, this time, Chikaru worked fast to ensure that Tamao’s pleasure will not decrease, as her mouth went to Tamao’s vagina immediately, a tongue sliding easily through the wet lips into the sweetness beyond.

By now, Tamao was lost in her own world, as Chikaru’s tongue caressing her g spot was the last straw for her to keep her sanity. Trashing her head about sideways, Tamao felt waves after waves of pleasure crashing into her. Chikaru’s voice, telling her to do the same to her, suddenly seemed in a world a billion light years away. Yet, her mind did moved on instinct, forcing her head up and licking at Chikaru’s offering of her secret area.

On instinct, Tamao placed a finger into Chikaru’s vagina, as her mind went into overdrive. Chikaru’s moan was sweeter than music to Tamao’s ears, heightening Tamao’s pleasure.

Unable to withstand it any more, Tamao arced her back, screaming as her orgasm came to her like a lion’s roar.


“TAMAO-CHAN!” Chikaru cried out at the same time.

Chikaru collapsed onto the bed, exhausted from her tenure with Tamao. Hugging Chikaru weakly, Tamao smiled at the face which has finally given her what she seeked for.

“Thank you.” Tamao whispered.

Chikaru smiled.

“You’re welcome.” She whispered in return, kissing Tamao’s cheek lightly.

Tamao couldn’t help but smile.

It was going to be a long, long night.


Author's note:

Why Chikaru, you ask?

Well, I was initially making a Aoi X Tamao fic, but I just can't get the feeling right.

So, I looked at my desktop.

And the answer hit me like a hot brick.


And so, it went. I wanted a 3-some, but then decided to get rid of Aoi altogether, because I HATE HER ANYWAY.


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