10 October 2006


[11:48pm] <%Warlock_Deity> we don't care
[11:48pm] <%Warlock_Deity> stop ban evading and spamming
[11:48pm] <%Warlock_Deity> or youll be akilled

If this gsd/Tsukamoto_Yakumo/john123x/whatever-other-name-he-goes-by comes into the channel to ban evade again, the ops will have NO excuse not to akill him this time. >:

About damned time too.


Blogger John The hero said...

I swear i didnt ban evade and how on earth u can ban me if i aint in the channel...

honesty is the best policy...

My confession: all i did is turn on my automated spamming script and goes for my pizza break...

Dont frame me for ban-evading, u liar....

7:17 AM  
Blogger John The hero said...

I did not ban evade, i only did the spamming.

honestly is the best policy and i am honest bout it.

please dont frame me, liar nighfalcon. i guess blaming me for all ur enemies are what ur good at. very despicable.

and here\'s my blog http://michaelex.blogspot.com/

7:22 AM  

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