06 October 2006

Newest Addition to Our Workload

The long awaited, release of what we're gonna be subbing.. ta-da!

Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na ~ Crescent Love ~

Now, you can go refresh till you bleed through your ears


Were it not for my beautiful, underage, Canadian Lover, our suckage woulda been complete, without karaoke.. however.. thanks to my dear friend, we have beautiful karaoke lyrics and whatnot.. and of course, NF slaved over a hot computer, making sure they looked all perty on the screen.

Last but not least.. thanks to ArcticWolf for an awesome splash, and for giving us a choice. (My god, are we really becoming responsible fansubbers, wtf is up with that?) You can download episode 01 in either XviD or h264.

. o 0 Leha 0 o .

NF edit-

Game on.

I would also like to introduce our latest member recruited into our core system. ArcticWolf has been serving us with his seedings and his Epylon bot for a while, and now, he is now, he joins the team as an encoder.

A summary of Crescent moon:

Harem. Or some guy who likes to pinch noses getting the girls. The norm.

Princess Feena is played by Hitomi Nabatame, who plays Suou in SR. However, do not expect her outspoken side, as she goes a little soft. Perhaps, if you watch Strawberry Panic, you'll know Hitomi (she's my good friend.) as the Etoile, Shizuma.

Why we are doing it:

We like it. Schedule conflicts with everything else.

Check it out. :D This is our selection for the new season after we debated what to do and stuff.


Blogger Mel said...

I think everyone would love you guys if you could sub the last episode of xxxholic b/c the other groups dropped it b/c Funimation decided to be dicks and license it right b4 episode 24 was able to be subbed. *hint hint* ^_^ If you can't that's fine. Anywayz, keep up the good work. I love your releases!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Ulices said...

Why In Mvk File?

10:12 PM  

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