13 October 2006

And Yet Again..

Well.. since Seish has abandoned us, NightFalcon and I did our best.. but our best wasn't fast enough. Besides, it was/is his birthday, so it's not like spending all our time working on this release was fair to the birthday boy. Then, it just seemed like everything went wrong.. we couldn't hear a line, we couldn't make out a kanji, the encode just puked on us.

Oh well. Shit Happens. We made it, we like it, and we love our birthday boy.


And yet again, you get a choice. Reminds me of .. well.. heheh.

I'm still freakin disappointed that wasn't a kiss. *grumble*

. o O Leha O o .


Blogger Jc said...

Sup i really dont understand why you guys get so many complaints about your subs nothing seems wrong to me ive watched subs from so many groups when it all comes down to it if i can get an idea of what the hell is going on i dont see the point with gettin sh!t down to 100% perfect -.- nice subbing keep it up. To tell you the truth i wouldnt even mind if you guys made sentences up seriously a story is a story theres no way a couple minor missed words can change it... =P later

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Blogger Jc said...


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