19 July 2006

This team is nothing without an editor

So yeah, finally. I see a need for an editor, or I'll keep using poor english because everyone else is lazy.


- Experience is preferred, but not necessary.
- Japanese knowledge is preferred, but not necessary
- Activity is a must. Scripts come in early in the week, within 48 hours of rhe RAW (I have a life, unfortunately.). You can disappear for the weekend, just be here on Mondays/Tuesdays.
- A positive work attitute. You must be prepared to be annoyed by morons, but you must still go on.
- Fun to work with. If you swear at every other mistake me/Seish/ALok makes, then you are not fun to work with. Bye.
- Be prepared to edit when asked. Sometimes, we just do random episodes, and we hope that you will be there to edit.
- Willing to download your own raws. We have no raw providers. So, be prepared to use a bit of your bittorrent BW to download raws. Or use winny/share, since you are editing anyway.
- Aegisub knowledge is required.
- Oh, a good knowledge of English is required. We won't exactly test you, but if my mistakes aren't corrected, or you end up messing up my TLs, you can be prepared to be castrated.
- Females are preferred. We are very friendly towards females. ;)

If you meet those requirements, hop on to our IRC channel, and say something. Hopefully, one of us will be around to notice it.

If not, try again. First notice, first serve basis. LoL. Do it generally when I am around, since the other two are just idling. ;)

And yes, Chysil, where the fuck are you?

fuck you, bird, i do more then idle in there. and NO my hentai bot doesnt count! -seish


Blogger fire_storm said...

what does an editor do?

and how can i speak in the irc chanel?

6:43 PM  
Blogger yaelmania said...

dear, fansub friend, i am yaelmania, from spain and whe are a spanish fansub, we like and love your relases infact , we based in your traslates our relases.
I'm here to propose a aliance between our fansubs, we glad to share effords like your send us the english traslation from japanse, and if u want, somthing like a karaoker, or editor, we have't.
Maby sound strage, but that all we need , also we can help whit the distribution for your relases, in many pages(english & spanish), tink about it.
Just ask , whe can make a big empire of fansub, together.
me email&msn yaelmania@hotmail.com i what for you response.

admin kantan seiki fansub [KSF]

10:30 AM  

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