08 July 2006

Muteki Kanban Musume episode 1


Well, I watched this kick ass anime which was very very funny, and decided to sub 1 episode because I wanted a decent team to work on it.

But while it was being encoded, Doremi-KANBAN released it.

Oh well. Joys of lazyness. I wasn't exactly busting myself to do this anyway.

That's good enough for me. No kara, since I was too damn lazy anyway.

However, as to whether we will be doing this series, I'll need to talk to the staff. I forgot when the last time we had a single conversation going. >_> Currently, our only form of communication is via Memoserv or leaving things on PM. If you read the credits, you'll realise I did mostly everything, and borrowed a few staff members from another team to do what I can't (editing, encoding and distroing).

Many thanks to Mizuki-chan, YunaX and Kipsta.

Real Life sucks.

Doremi is a good enough team. Maybe we'll do it. Maybe we won't.

On the episode itself:

It's about this girl, Miki, who's your usual stupid girl, working at her mother's Ramen shop. The animation is decent, and is quite funny, as well as the characters themselves. Quite a number of notable VAs are on it, namely Ami Koshimizu who also voices Tenma in school rumble, and Hitomi Nabatame who voices Shizuma in Strawberry Panic (Trust me, if you watch this anime, and SP, you'll be going WTF.)

Enjoy. I found my self laughing quite a bit in this anime. ;)


Blogger Sodisna said...

I want to see more of Muteki Kanban please. I enjoyed this a lot.

12:10 PM  
Blogger schoolrumblefan said...

I will checo it out, Please keep the great anime coming and thanks for all you and your teams hard work! ^_^

6:58 PM  

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