04 July 2006

School Rumble Term 2 Episode 13


All thanks to ArcticWolf for distro/Encode

Edit: I don't get it. Why did a line disappear? Stupid Aegisub. >_>

Anyway. The line at 21:26, which Akira says, is "It's a song about fighting freely with the hands."



Blogger idyllicmemories said...


thank you so much for subbing sr term 2 :)

i'd like to ask if there'll be a v2 version of this episode with the missing line?

anyway, i really liked the post below on strawbberry panic :D

4:13 AM  
Blogger BomberMan said...

hello everyone trying to download School Rumble Term 2 and that link for episode 3 isnt working for me not sure if it just me or if its already gone could yall repost it ill love it if yall did


6:44 PM  

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