01 July 2006

Strawberry Panic episode 12: What really went on then.


Caution2: OFFENSIVE. Contains possible girl girl scenes. *cough*

“Towel and clothes, I’ll leave them here.”

Shizuma placed the clothes on the floor, her eyes moving, almost by instinct, towards the shower, where a naked Aoi was staring into the wall, water droplets almost caressing her beautiful skin as it rolled down without much notice from the latter female.

“What a beautiful body.” Shizuma’s darkest part of her mind whispered. Shizuma could do nothing but agree. The gentle tan Aoi got from the summer school made her skin a little darker, which matches perfectly with her dark red hair. With a perfect hourglass figure, small, exquisite breasts on it, topped off with a head with a face that lights up the night with a smile, it’s everything anyone, be it female or male, would die for.

It took sheer willpower for Shizuma to look away, and step out of the bathroom. Already, she could feel her senses heightening. The fact that her wet uniform is making her nipples harden, due to a lack of a bra, isn’t helping one bit.

“I need to shower soon.” Shizuma frantically thought, as the faintest signs of shaking appeared on her hands.

Not a second sooner, Aoi appeared from the shower, dressed in the red nightgown Shizuma provided.

Aoi looked simply beautiful. Shizuma had to, once again, resist herself from taking Aoi into her arms at that very moment.

Would Aoi ever know that it was the very same one Shizuma wore when she herself was first seduced by the then-Etoile?

Not now, perhaps.

But then, it’s going to be a long night.

Shizuma is going to ensure that.

Whether Aoi liked it or not.

Although Aoi would most likely enjoy it by the time Shizuma’s done with her.

Standing there any longer could destroy the evening with passion tinkering on the border of rape. As the Etoile, Shizuma has some standards she has to keep.

Raping girls without seducing them and making them an unwilling partner, is on her “no” list. (Author’s note: HAHA)

And so, Shizuma walked past Aoi without a further glance into the bathroom, still steaming thanks to the hot water Aoi used earlier.

Was that, a hint of uncertainty on Aoi’s face, Shizuma wondered? However, Shizuma could not blame her.

After all, Shizuma believes that she stole Aoi’s first kiss. After both of them tripped into the pool, Shizuma knew that this is one time Aoi cannot escape. No more cookies or intervention. It would require the gods to strike the pool with lightening in order to stop Shizuma from placing her lips on Aoi’s.

That kiss itself, Shizuma touched her lips with her fingers, still awed by the feelings which came with it. With the taste of chlorine burning her lips, Shizuma’s tongue gently slipped between the slightly parted lips of Aoi. Finding Aoi’s tongue immobile, Shizuma took the initiative to gently caress Aoi’s tongue with hers.

To Shizuma’s surprise, Aoi responded by moving her tongue, accepting Shizuma completely. In her past experiences, not one girl responded as well as Aoi had. Either they were as static as stone, or the ended up being a turn off by moving away.

Aoi, was obviously neither.

With the sweetness of saliva and chlorine in her mouth, Shizuma felt her chest sink into a deep well of ecstasy, as pleasure and insanity threatens to take over her mind and body.

After what seemed like eons, both came to the surface, gasping for air. Shizuma could only look into the eyes of Aoi, stunned by the kiss which went beyond her wildest dreams.

Aoi, the only girl who provided Shizuma a kiss which resembled her very first kiss.

The heat of the shower snapped Shizuma back to the present. Her nipples are rock hard, and protruding slightly, their pinkness beautiful even in her own eyes. She just realized that her fingers, as if moving on their own, had crawled to the area between her legs, and is stroking her virginal area. The droplets of hot water on her flushed skin did not help in causing Shizuma to get sexually aroused. Her fingers were dancing gently on the most sensitive part of her private part, slowly enticing Shizuma’s very own secret juice to flow.

“Not yet.” Shizuma told herself, as she took every bit of self-will to bring her fingers back to order.

It will come, soon.

The rest of the shower was taken slowly, as Shizuma made Aoi wait. Waiting, usually, increases the excitement later. One mere thought of the cuteness of Aoi touching herself on her bed right now, caused Shizuma to place both hands on the wall to prevent them from venturing elsewhere.

Finally, she was done with her self-cleansing. Before putting on her nightgown, Shizuma caressed her private parts once again, before slowly, carefully, inserting a finger inside. She could feel a rush of excitement as he juices, held up for so long, started flowing freely, like water from a dam which was suddenly destroyed.

However, before Shizuma could get carried away, she extracted her fingers, now wet with her juice. Carefully, she applied them to the base of her neck, and behind her ears.

Human’s natural love potion was seldom used, but when used right, it can have rather lovely results.

Lovely indeed.

As she stepped out of the shower, she saw Aoi looking at her notice board, on it, things she kept due to them having special memories.

“On the left is my first year. On the right, is my second year.” Shizuma informed Aoi.

“When I was in grade 2, it was my duty to clean the the-Etoile-sama’s room” Shizuma continued, a small history lesson given.

And of course, part of the seduction. It would be very easy to hug Aoi from behind, and start humping her there and then. However, Shizuma took the effort to tie her hair right in front of Aoi, giving Aoi a full view of her own breasts, which can rival that of Aoi’s.

“Then?” Aoi asked.

Ah, foolish girl, Shizuma thought. However, it can’t be helped.

After all, she is still shocked.

But more shocking things will come.

“Do you think I became the Etoile the moment I stepped in here?” Shizuma replied.

Aoi could find no answer, and could only look away from Shizuma’s eyes.


Shizuma leaned forward, until she could feel Aoi’s breath on her skin. Aoi gasped and leaned back slightly.

But not far enough. It’s as if her body is split into two, one wanting to run away.
And the other, obviously, wanting to move closer.

Shizuma helped the latter take over, by using a finger to stroke Aoi’s neck, moving it up slowly towards her face. It wasn’t long before the finger found Aoi’s lips, where it gently traced the shape of Aoi’s full, rosy lips.

“It’s your first time, right?” Shizuma asked, giving hint as to what is going to happen next. This is one easy way to fill her partner’s head with all sorts of dirty and naughty things.

Hence, easily getting them into the mood.

“It isn’t my first” Shizuma told Aoi, revealing the experience she had. With it, she implied that Aoi is going to like it, as this isn’t going to resemble two hippos licking each other on a bed.

“However, with you, it could be my last” Shizuma whispered with an air of finality into Aoi’s ear. That’s one phrase she had used so many times.

Hence the word “could”.

But then, with Aoi, Shizuma might actually mean what she says….

Leaning forward, Shizuma attempted to kiss Aoi, only to be pushed away. Once again, this brought the excitement to new heights. Shizuma disliked girls who simply lay there and awaited her service.

Shizuma watched in amusement as Aoi stepped back, only to fall onto her bed. The unwilling ones would run out of her door by now.

But Aoi sure knows how to make things interesting.

Dropping onto the bed, Shizuma pinned Aoi’s arms onto the bed, giving Aoi no chance to escape at all. However, instead of struggling, Aoi could only stare helplessly at Shizuma. By now, the hormones which was implanted on the base of Shizuma’s neck would have filled Aoi’s nostrils, and hence, gotten into Aoi’s head.

Shizuma stared deep into Aoi’s red eyes, finding herself drowning in them, as they threatened to envelop Shizuma, never allowing her to see the light of the day again.

“Nagisa”, Shizuma moaned.

Shizuma’s hands touched the soft cheek of Aoi, who moaned slightly, her eyes still fixed on Shizuma’s. The hands didn’t linger on the cheek for long.

It had other places to travel to.

Like, Aoi’s small, developing breasts.

The warmth of Aoi’s breasts seeped through the thin fabric which Shizuma gave. Cupping her hand on Aoi’s breast, Shizuma allowed her fingers to slowly tease the nipple, causing Aoi’s senses to be set on fire. Shizuma got her rewarded when Aoi gave a slight yelp at the sudden jolt of pleasure which went through her body like electric.

But using her fingers isn’t enough for Shizuma.

She wanted more.

She needed more.

Getting her entire body onto the bed, Shizuma pressed her knee against Aoi’s vagina, delighted to feel a slight moisture developing there. Keeping pressure on Aoi’s vagina, Shizuma bent down to work her magic.

Gently blowing on Aoi’s face, Shizuma allowed her breath to flow downwards where her hand was. The hand did its job by pushing aside the red fabric that was still between Shizuma and Aoi’s breast. Shizuma looked on, as the pale pink skin of Aoi was presented to her. Shizuma’s head moved lower, her lips ready to accept a new taste which Shizuma had longed for the day she first met Aoi.

“Nagisa” Shizuma whispered.

“Shizuma” the voice of Rokujou sounded in her head.


Shizuma’s was absolutely stunned. Why must it happen now? Rokujou, the only girl who has ever rejected Shizuma. Shizuma could do nothing, as her mind went blank, staring at the space which Aoi had retreated from. She barely heard a thing when Aoi said her thanks before running out, slamming the door behind her.

“Why?”, Shizuma asked herself.


Slowly, the light of the next day seeped into the room. But, Shizuma had not moved a muscle. The shock was just too great for her to bear.


NF's note: Episode 12 was screaming for me to type something.... Hehehe. Maybe I'll write one whereshe isn't interrupted in the future. And yes, I do watch Strawberry Panic.

And yes, SP > Simoun.


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