17 May 2006

People take fansubbing too seriously. :o

Seriously, where's the fun if you take things TOO seriously? (Note: TOO. I take our releases seriously.).

If you aren't even enjoying it, then why are you doing it in the first place? Ah well. Bwahahaha. Is beating another team everything? Not really. What I want is to enjoy when I do my stuff, which is TLing. I smile when I TL, I laugh when I hear something funny, and frown when I can't get a phrase the way I want.

That's me enjoying my stuff. If it comes down to me TLing with the mentality of saying "WTF am I doing?", then I might as well quit, go out with my friends to drink till sunrise, something which I do every now and then.


*is high tonight*

Oh yeah, we still need timers. Just to state how important it is.


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