11 May 2006

School Rumble 2 Episode 6

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h264 encoding, because ALok got pissed that virtualdub did nothing when he slept. LoL.

EDIT: Xvid version released. BUT GO H264!

Oh well. Pretty good episode. Follows the manga up till chapter 124.

Which means, the next arc is to start.


Anyway, there are 2 insert songs in this episode. Them singing in Engrish and all the characters talking at the same time makes it all that more difficult to identify which words they are singing. Me and Chysil trashed it out, and I hope you guys are happy with our...capture.

Also, for those who STILL (for some unknown reason), mixes us up with Your-Dad, please do take note: WE ARE 2 SEPERATE TEAMS!! YOUR MOM IS NOT YOUR DAD (unless....never mind).

Get that straight. =)


Missing Editor's notes for Soul Link 6:

-At the start of the episode: Chysil commented that Celleria's boobs were bigger than her head. How he measures, and the question "Why is he not concentrating on the script", remains to be answered.

Hmm...forgot anything else. Bwahaha.

Remember, Chysil, I time and typeset. :D


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