12 May 2006

*What I'm doing*

Yo. CarrierZ here. Your own DJ master.

Currently playing - Kotoko - Fatally - Duel Saviour OP (Full Version) (I don't have a clue about what "Duel Saviour" is for an anime series. >_>)

Anyways, I should post status here:

Soul Link: Project will continue in going standard. Release Monday/Tuesdays. Don't look at Episode one & two of our episodes, the encoding is horrible (I am not the one who encoded it!!! Haha.)

School Rumble: Might be dropped soon. Not enough staff, almost all of our staff is busy these days when the raw comes out. You who want an .avi & XviD, well, you might be fucked.
If you want the project continued, please signup for a timer or translator. Your choice.

LOVE Get CHU: Ehm, actually it's I who's slacking on that. I've a halftimed script in my hands, and everytime I feel like timing it, things pop-up and I've forgot it. Dang.

New project: (Not confirmed, but zOMG girls are hot. This will be our only "serious" project. We'll do QC's on this too. Good encodes, grammar, timing, typesetting, karaoke!)
Kanon (Or is it Canon?)

That's all for me. I'm getting all hotted up for the next coming anime's. (Still waiting for Yoroshiku's & ray=out's Air Gear!)

(About the fansubbing proccess post down there by NightFalcon, don't trust anything other than Translating & Timing, since he doesn't know anything about the other things. To be honest, he's sad at those parts.)

Well, time is 3.30am when writing this... Don't know what the fuck I'm doing but I just felt writing something for you, my dear friends.

I'm going to play some WSG (Warsong Gulch) with some friends... Then sleep at 5am.
(If you have no clue what I'm talking about, message me on IRC. >cz<~ World of Warcraft ^>})

Private Sub On_Click()
If (st1 = TRUE) Then
MsgBox ("This is the end of my post")
If (st = FALSE) Then
MsgBox ("If not, I'm fucked.")
End If
End If
End Sub

That's your Visual Basic 6 homework for today. Don't blame me if something is wrong, it was some time ago I actually worked with this.
I think I should put an end if after the first If, but too lazy. And the whole function is ugly. That doesn't looks professional at all (does even VB look professional? Haha.)

C - ya.


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