10 September 2007

Seto no Hanayome Episode 23


And so, the week begins.


Blogger Bronze said...

Thanks for the subs as always.. I was wondering what will Your-Mom be sub next for October.. Any of these titles?

Dragonaut - The Resonance

Shakugan no Shana - S2

Kodomo no Jikan

Jyūshin Enbu

6:28 PM  
Blogger Guiltyx3s said...

thnk u guys for ur hard work, ur team is always at the top wit the best anime and fast releases...

on another note, i kno u guys prolly get a million request a day but i figure i would give it a shot... is there anyway u guys might pick up Kekkaishi or Shounen Onmyouji... the team workin on it seems to be having problems wit their staff

thnx again for ur work... seto and heroic age are some of ma fav animes and cant wait for the new rumble

6:31 PM  
Blogger Clark said...

FIRST! LOL ers I love this show thanks for the hard work!

8:28 PM  
Blogger Clark said...

First! I love this show! My girlfriend does too thanks for the hard work!

8:29 PM  
Blogger b0uncyfr0 said...

Awesome as always..Thank You..

8:50 PM  
Blogger xyz_hibiki_tokai said...

I'm the first to reply!
Thx for this, waiting for the ZnT also! DLing...

9:42 PM  
Blogger Hakkai said...

thanks for this fansub

4:55 AM  

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