19 August 2007

How to use IRC

Download IRC here


Open mIRC.

Type in all the usual nicks and jazz when prompted.

Select Server (It's at the side, or click the flower thing).

We are based in Rizon.net, as is quite a few groups.

Our channel is #ayako, so type /j #ayako

Once you enter, type !releases to see the latest releases, followed by the usual prompts. (For example, ZnT Ep6 will be !znt06)

Some random stuff, like "ZnT 06 XDCC: /msg LazyTown XDCC send #26" or something will appear.

TYPE it out in the status window.

Accept send.

Have fun.

I'll make one with pictures sometime later. But it is really dummy proof. If you can get BitTorrent to work (as well as portforward), this shouldn't be too hard.

For those who have used IRC, Our server is here

Note you can't use Chatzilla because Chatzilla does not have a XDCC function. Alternatively, you can use one of our DDL links found in the channel.

Be sure to stick around and talk! We have a few regulars around with whom I enjoy chatting with.


Blogger victorious said...

are you still going to do DDL?

9:20 PM  
Blogger NightFalcon said...


11:23 PM  
Blogger Ihar Filipau said...

> But it is really dummy proof.

Most decent firewalls and routers would break that dummy-proof-ness.

In most (all?) cases, one also has to configure port ranges used for DCC properly: once in IRC client and once on your router. MIRC is of course old and dumb and cannot detect network/router configuration like most modern network tools do (e.g. BitTorrent, IM clients). So one has to do that manually.

P.S. you forgot to prefix link to www.mirc.com with 'http://'.

2:00 AM  
Blogger Kelvin said...

O Irc got portforward?

7:11 AM  
Blogger satanspal said...

I use chatzilla and I can use xdcc no problem

12:03 PM  
Blogger Tomas said...

Satanspal is right. I use chatzilla as my main IRC client for downloading. It supports XDCC and even fserves using the same methods as any IRC client. Much simpler but has everything needed. [I like it 'cause it looks prettier]

/msg botname XDCC send #whatever

2:58 AM  

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